Corvette Assembly Plant Facing Further Downtime


The Bowling Green Assembly Plant

GM employees were notified on Monday about plans for additional shutdowns at the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Ky. Starting Monday, March 30th, the Corvette plant will close for two weeks, then reopen for a few weeks before closing again. Hourly workers will be temporarily laid off during those down times.

The plant is scheduled to be closed during the first two weeks of April, first two weeks in May and then two weeks in June which will probably coincide with the changeover to the 2010 model. The closings affect not only the lives of the great people that work at the plant, but customer tours and museum deliveries are also impacted.

BG Assembly Plant Communications Director Andrea Hales said news of the shutdown did not surprise workers. “I think our employees expected more downtime because they follow the sale of our products very closely,” she said. “So I think our employees were expecting some sort of scheduling announcement.”

“We are still hopeful that the market is still there for Corvette,” Hales said. “We’re just waiting to see, when the economy does take a turn, we’re hoping we see Corvette come back as strong as it was before the downturn last year.”

The plant has laid off around 130 employees and another 110 more could be laid off before the end of the year.

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  1. I am very disatified 2007 Corvette owner! I have had an issue with my power converitable top for over 4 months now. Two dealerships could not fix it correctly over that period of time, so it finnaly two weeks ago went back to the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, it was return to me with the top still not able to retract correctly into the car without jamming against the top lid when it retracts. It has been nothing but a hassel with the GM customer service reps, the car dealership, and now the even The corvette plant. I realy get the don’t give a sh-t attitude no return call slow respons, and arragance even form the tech engineer at the Corvette plant. With customer service like this it is understandable why sales are down. The reason why I am explaining this informations is I would like to get in contact with who is the main peson that is in charge at the Corvette plant, I some could get me the name, phone #, and email address I would be greatly appricated. I have owned 5 corvette so far this customer service is realy a joke today.

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