Popular Mechanics’ Corvette ZR1 Instrumented Test Results

2009 Corvette ZR1 at Milford

Last week we brought you the first instrumented test results on a 2009 Corvette ZR1 performed by Car and Driver. This week, Popular Mechanics strapped their Racelogic VBOX GPS-based data recorder to the new supercharged 6.2L Corvette and went at it on one of the test tracks inside GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. PM’s enthusiasm for the car can be summed up in one word: WOW.

One of the more interesting parts of this test is how Popular Mechanics goes into much detail about the ZR1’s launch control works, something we haven’t heard a lot about. Here’s their description of what it is and how it works:

The system automatically limits engine torque to keep the rear tires hooked up. It’s different from traction control because launch control actually allows some wheel spin and progressively feeds in power to produce jack-rabbit starts. With it, even novice drivers can maximize nearly all the thrust the ZR1 has to offer.

With the launch control engaged, the ZR1 hits 60 mph in 4 seconds and does the quarter mile in 12 seconds at 127 mph. Turning off the computer aids and relying on technique and driver skill, the Corvette ZR1 nailed 60 mph in 3.70 seconds, 100 mph in 7.80 seconds, 150 mph in 16.61 seconds. The quarter mile was run in 11.50 seconds at 127.82 mph.

Last week’s Car & Driver instrumented test also had the ZR1 running the quarter in 11.50 seconds at 128 mph.

As a further comparison, Popular Mechanics last test of the Z06 showed the 505-HP Corvette hitting 60 mph in 4.37 seconds and the quarter mile in 12 seconds at 120.90.

Finally, Popular Mechanics called the braking and skidpad results impressive with the ZR1 pulling a 1.04 g on the skidpad and braked 60-to-0 mph in 94.98 feet.

Here are the full results Popular Mechanics’ Corvette ZR1 Instrumented Test:

Popular Mechanics' Corvette ZR1 Instrumented Test

Popular Mechanics

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