GM Shows Official Quarter Mile Time of 10.6 Seconds for the 2023 Corvette Z06


GM Shows Official Quarter Mile Time of 10.6 Seconds for the 2023 Corvette Z06

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Check out the picture of this promotion board standing next to the 2023 Corvette Z06 that was posted earlier today to the Corvette Forum by a member named Z0Sick6.

It shows the Z06 has 670 horsepower, it goes 0-60 in 2.6 seconds, and its official quarter-mile time is 10.6 seconds!

There was no trap speed listed for the Z06 so we’ll have to wait on that, but this is an impressive improvement over the C7 Z06s official time of 10.95 at 127 mph. Not only that, but it equals the 2019 Corvette ZR1’s time of 10.6 seconds at a trap speed of 134 MPH.

GM Promotional Board

Photo Credit: Z0Sick6 / CorvetteForum

We also think that Chevy may be a little conservative here again as they have been in the past. Once owners start tracking and drag racing the car, we will see improvements over the official stock times and we could even see some “hero runs” of 10.3 seconds or even better.

We’ll say this, the 2023 Corvette Z06 just keeps on getting better and better the more we learn about it.


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  1. That time would have been impressive five or six years ago. Today many high performance cars run in the 10’s and even in the 9’s in the quarter mile. Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Porsche have posted numbers like that for years and years now. Chevrolet is always late to the party when it comes to keeping up with the competition.

  2. All KG ever does is come on here to rag on the Corvette. Why do you even come to this site dude? Go check out McLaren blogger then and GTFOH!

  3. K.G. I beg to differ. If you go over and have a look at, which uses actual time slip submissions, you’ll see the Ferrari 488 GTB @ 10.9 and the Pista at 10.155:–488-GTB-Drag-Racing.html

    Lamborghini Huracan, stock, 10.35:–Huracan-Drag-Racing.html

    Porsche, mid 10s if you look at GT2, GT3 and 911. 911 Turbo should be the fastest (non hyper car) but clearly the times at dragtimes are all modified as they are mid 9s:

    The C7 Z06 has done 10.215 but I believe that run had drag radials:–Corvette-C7-Z06-Drag-Racing.html

    The fastest all-stock C7 Z06 is 10.413 with a number of 10.7s:

    Since you’re just talking brands and since this is really about the Z06, I didn’t use the C7 ZR1 times.

    Suffice to say, the data does not support your statement that Chevrolet is behind Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche in the 1/4 mile, as the C7 Z06 first model year was 2015 (when you compare cars that are within the same category). Then there’s McClaren’s 720S which is basically in a league of its own.

    It’s likely GM is being conservative here and we will see times in the 10.2 range, possibly even a hero run in the high 9s.

  4. I have always been a Corvette fan and currently own a 2015 Z06. The Tesla Plaid in stock form is turning 9.2 at 150 mph quarter mile times. That is leaving everything stock in the dust.

  5. It’s all about the trans and final drive gear ratios.
    The C8 Z06 DCT FD is 5.56.
    The C7 Z06 Paddle Shift Auto FD is 2.41, which is rather a high numerical number.
    BUT, multiple those FD ratio numbers by the transmission ratios and you’ll see the C8 Z06 has the clear advantage over the C7 Z06, automatic for automatic, even with its 5.56.
    1st C8 Z06 = 15.15, C7 Z06=10.98
    2nd C8 Z06 = 9.78, C7 Z06 = 7.15
    3rd C8 Z06 = 6.78, C7 Z06 = 5.01
    And so on.
    With the C8 Z06s lower torque and lower RPMs than the C7 Z06 it needs those high numerical, low gear ratios to move it’s mass from a dead stop.
    At initial acceleration it is TORQUE that moves the mass of a vehicle, not HP.
    HP takes over as the revs build, more power strokes per unit of time measure, HP being a calculation based on TORQUE and RPMs.
    The C7 Z06 has plenty of TORQUE at lower RPMS.
    The C8 Z06 has plenty of HP at those fantastically HIGH RPMs.

    How did the C8 Z51 achieve a 2.9 0-60, with a 5.17 FD.

    Put a high enough numerical, low gear ratio, in my Suburban and it could achieve a 2.6 0-60,
    but the fuel mileage will absolutely suck!

    The C8 base, Z51 and Z06 are fantastic vehicles; I’m not attempting to discount it’s capabilities, but there is more to the story. Just sayin’.

  6. KG is not only a troll, he’s mostly wrong. The Corvette C7 ZO6 and ZR1 both posted official 10-second 1/4 times. Most of the Euro car quick times are in the 10.3-10.9 range, with only a few in that category. Only the McLaren 765LT has busted into the 9s, and it was in the 9.30s. Other than the Halo cars like the LaFerrari, P1 LM, and 918 Spyder, nothing has been at the 10-flat point or in the 9s. The 992 Turbo S is at 10.1-2. The 488 Pista and F8 Tributo are at 10.0-10.1

    The ZO6 bests anything NA. Even the F and L V12 cars aren’t quicker. All the others need a pair of turbos, except the Huracan and R8 V10 that run heads up with the ZO6, give or take.

    Chevrolet IS late to the mid-engined party, and that makes the C8 achievements that much more significant. The C7 ZR1 was already at 10.6, so the C8 ZO6 just takes up where the previous generation left off but with less hp.

    The big news is always the big news. Corvette always undercuts the price of all these exotics substantially. And now it gives up no interior quality or anything else but “subjective intangibles” to any of the competition. Corvette has rewritten the book and all the rules where value meets performace, just as Corvette has always done. This is the most significant of all those chapters in Corvette history. Anyone who thinks differently or less about the C8 ZO6 is simply objectively and wholly wrong. Maybe even delusional. This car is a world changer of every paradigm associated with high end performance cars.

  7. It’s funny how the Z06 is still almost a year from being released and the haters are already lining up. If you’re going to compare apples with apples then lets do that. The Z06 is a N/A car that is rear wheel drive, so how about using cars with the same specs. Most of the cars are boosted some how or are all wheel drive which are advantages in most cases. Next would be factoring in the msrp price and see what is available in that group. Straight line speed is great, but the fun really starts when you put a bunch of turns & elevation changes into the mix. Just be happy the Corvette is going in the right direction with the Z06 and the rest of the C8 models.



  9. William M, Tesla’s no matter how fast they may be are soulless and uninspiring to drive. And they are also extremely unattractive in design not to mention poor in quality. The only thing worse than driving one is having to actually own one!

  10. AR, be realistic the Z06 won’t be affordable for most Corvette buyers. Every generation of the latest Z06 or ZR1 has become ridiculously expensive for a supposedly affordable sports car. $150,000 for any Corvette excluding the older generation of collectible Corvettes is not justifiable.

  11. Jonathan, the best lap times and or records at a place like the “Ring” aren’t held by any Corvette. Porsche, Lamborghini, and Mercedes hold those records. And that speaks volumes about the Corvette and how it can’t really compete with the best performance automobiles that are out there today.

  12. K.G. Again, I beg to differ. First, there are other tracks in the world besides Nordschleife. Second, testing at Nordschliefe is extremely expensive for American manufacturers, and as we’ve seen with the C8 Z06 and the Dodge Viper, it’s very difficult to get a best lap in the times allotted times when your entire setup must be transported across the Atlantic: . Excuses excuses, right? Well, let’s look at some actual times where we can try to compare apples to apples.

    For your convenience, here’s a little chart of Nordschleife times from 2018:

    The Z06 is 17th on the list, which just at face value, considering the competition, is not bad at all. The default view filters out all-electric hyper cars / pure race cars, so you’re looking at production vehicles. But that’s not the whole story. If you compare tests from manufacturers to times in the same vehicles by Sport Auto, for instance, there is a HUGE gap. In at least one case, the manufacturer was caught using a modified vehicle (Nismo). There are also a few non-manufacturer laps in the top 17 that are known to have been done with non-stock vehicles. Whether or not those manufacturer laps involved some “modifications” by manufacturers, I don’t know, but let’s just level the playing field some and go with laps by the same driver / magazine, Sport Auto.

    Then something interesting happens. The C7 Z06 is third. It’s 0.9 seconds of the 918, a near million dollar hyper car. Some of those same cars that were in the top 15 weren’t tested by Sport Auto, but the ones that were are suddenly slower than the Z06. The 488 GTB is almost 8 seconds slower, same driver, no significant noted difference in conditions. Of course there are all sorts of variables here that could affect any test, like traffic, weather conditions, etc. But the fact is the Z06, not even the ZR1, is right up there with the best of them.

    Also note that there are even faster times which I’m not using in this chart because they occurred after it was made and/or aren’t officially claimed by Chevrolet.

    But let’s go a little further with another example. Let’s look at the historical Car and Driver Lightning Lap times:

    Oh noes, the Z06 is 15th. The ZR1 is 4th. But… with the exception of the Porsche 918, every other car faster than the C7 Z06 was released AFTER the C7 Z06. In 2015, when it was tested, it was the second fastest lightning lap EVER, only behind a hybrid hyper car, the Porsche 918 Spyder.

    It was beaten by the Viper ACR in 2016 (a spartan, no-holds bar track car for sure), and the AMG GTR in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2018 that a significant number of cars (4) knocked the C7 Z06 out of the top 5 all time fastest laps. There’s no funny business here. Yes there are variables but this is the closest you’ll get to any sort of normalized lap times and it, along with the Sport Auto times at the Ring, tell exactly the opposite of what you claim: Chevrolet was not lagging compared to “super car” manufacturers when it came to performance, it was leading the pack.

    As for cost, I got my LT2 Z06 for $80.5K new at a time when it and the Viper ACR were trading track records all across the world. That’s far below your claimed $150K. The ZR1 almost reached $150K new when fully options, but I own a car that from 2015 – 2018 was one of the fastest production cars EVER made, and the only one that could be considered a comfortable daily driver, for $80.5K and it’s depreciated about $12K since. That’s a STEAL.

    It doesn’t just compete with Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, when it’s on a level playing field it OWNS them, and for a fraction of the total cost.

  13. Typical GM, 2023 Z06 is a PR myth…..hype something that is made out of unobtainiam….GM can’t fill current orders, yet are building right hand drive cars, cars for export to Japan, Australia, etc. now a Z06? How about taking care of the loyal American customer who would like a nice Corvette without glitz and mega horsepower. I am Z06 un-official allocation #1 at my dealer but told not to hold my breath or sell my 2020 in anticipation of the ZO6, now why we know why its called a “HYPEr car”……oh, flat plan crankshafts were first used in 1974 by Porsche….NASCAR LS motors buzz 9k without the vibration issue… need for a HYPEr motor either…..

  14. I always find it entertaining to read the comments from the Honda Camry owner and or EV owner wannabe. The drag race time is interesting but the Z06 is a road racing car. So if you want a comparison in a straight line then 0 to 100 to 0 would be fun to see. I follow the C&D lightning lap times as, i think, its hard for the manufacturer to tweak their car. I don’t trust the ring times as i suspect the level of cheating is high by the usual suspects. If you want a drag race from Chevy then compare the COPO Camaro to the euros and Teslas. My 20 C8 holds up just fine on the road course.

  15. Johnathan, that track is the industry standard for vehicle testing. The Corvette doesn’t own any of those brands, especially when it’s pretending to be them. And with the price of the new Z06/Z07 it won’t even be affordable anymore it will be insanely expensive for a Corvette. And availability will be another issues, as Jackson mentioned above who knows when we will even see a Z06 go into customers hands? By the time the Z06 comes out it will be redundant in terms of performance compared to its future competition.

  16. Houston, Honda Camry? Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. And some of us don’t own and wouldn’t own a Camry or an EV, We own what we are talking on this forum. Classic Corvettes and modern Corvettes. And some of us like myself have owned both Corvettes and exotics. Magazines cheat all the time, they get paid by the manufacturers to say good things about the products they are selling. Not to mention they get ringer cars that have more power and performance to look better when they test them. Ring times are far more accurate and useful when it comes to judging the overall capabilities of a performance vehicle.

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