[VIDEO] Watch this Salvage C8 Corvette Brought Back to Life by a Driveway Mechanic


[VIDEO] Watch this Salvage c8 Corvette Brought Back to Life by a Driveway Mechanic

Ready to watch the rebuild of a C8 Corvette in record time by a driveway mechanic?

I came across this amazing time-lapse video showing a C8 Corvette Convertible that had significant damage along the passenger side being repaired in the garage of a young man who appeared to have no qualms in tackling this rebuild by himself. And unlike that Rapid Blue Coupe with the smashed-up front end featured earlier today, this car was able to roll straight off the trailer without difficulty so it was at a much better starting point.

We don’t know the mechanic’s name, but his YouTube channel is called “ThatShortGuy” and it features him rebuilding a Cadillac ATS V. He said in the ATS V video that it was his first rebuild ever, making this C8 Corvette only his second…

[VIDEO] Watch this Salvage 2020 Corvette Brought Back to Life by a Driveway Mechanic

The 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible was a salvage and likely purchased at an insurance auction. We find out later it has less than 600 miles on it! Featured in Red Mist with the Black roof and nacelles, the Stingray is further options with the GT2 seats, the High Wing, and Black Open-Spoke Wheels.

[VIDEO] Watch this Salvage 2020 Corvette Brought Back to Life by a Driveway Mechanic

In his description, he says the biggest delay in the project was due to GM no longer selling the airbag control modules:

GM changed the rules on selling SDM (airbag control modules to the public) you cannot buy and install yourself and have the dealer do the final programming anymore. My car sat at the dealership for 5 weeks waiting on the SDM module That was the longest process of the rebuild. For those of you wondering if safetyrestore and myairbags could rebuild those SDM. Both companies failed to do so. However myairbags did rebuild the seatbelts.

It’s always fun to watch a guy use his skills with such confidence to complete a massive project. He says he’ll be taking a break from the rebuilds and enjoying the fruits of his labor. We hope that means many miles of top-down driving in his new Corvette!

ThatShortGuy / YouTube

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  1. Wow! Impressive work and a great example of one achieving his goal in spite of barriers beyond his control. Car looks great. My guess is this young man will continue to do great things in his life.

  2. I’m surprised he could even get body parts for it. The door did look used. Great job by a young man.

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