Save 10 Percent on WindRestrictor Customizable Wind Deflectors for C4-C7 Corvettes


CorvetteBlogger Readers Save 10 Percent On WindRestrictor Wind Deflectors

Save 10% Plus FREE Customization and FREE Shipping with ‘BLOG’ Coupon Code!

One of the more interesting inventions to really take hold in the Corvette hobby comes from our friends at WindRestrictor who manufactures custom wind deflectors for 1984-2019 Corvettes.

If you want to add a touch of personalization while reducing turbulence and noise in your Corvette when the top is off/down, a wind deflector from WindRestrictor offers all that and more. As a special offer for you, WindRestrictor is giving CorvetteBlogger readers 10% off plus free customization (normally $69 extra) and free shipping with the Coupon Code “BLOG“.

CorvetteBlogger Readers Save 10% On WindRestrictor Wind Deflectors

The concept of WindRestrictor’s patented wind deflectors is pretty simple. The windscreens are designed for a custom fit in C4, C5, C6, and C7 Coupes or Convertibles with easy installation that takes just a few minutes. The deflectors block 40-60% of the turbulence and help to reduce noise in the cabin, which greatly enhances the ability to hold conversations with your passengers or listen to the radio without the wind buffeting the sound. And for those drives on cooler days, a wind deflector can help maintain a more consistent cabin temperature which therefore helps extend “Corvette Season” into the cooler months.

CorvetteBlogger Readers Save 10% On WindRestrictor Wind Deflectors

Corvette enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to the construction of WindRestrictor products. Each windscreen is handmade and built to order in Dallas, Texas utilizing a material called PMMA that’s 30-times stronger than glass and offers a clear, non-glare finish. The easy-mount brackets are powder coated to match the beautiful black finish of the panel on which it mounts for a classic, OEM look and there is no drilling required. For Convertible owners, they do not interfere with the convertible top’s operation.

CorvetteBlogger Readers Save 10% On WindRestrictor Wind Deflectors

In addition to the installation guides included with your WindRestrictor, you can also find installation videos on their website, and if you have questions you can live chat with tech support. A lifetime warranty guarantees the windscreen will never fade or turn yellow with age.

Now that we got all that “functionality” info out of the way, let’s talk about why Corvette Enthusiasts are really buying these WindRestrictors. It’s all about personalizing your Corvette!

CorvetteBlogger Readers Save 10% On WindRestrictor Wind Deflectors

WindRestrictor can create a custom windscreen with a design based on your specifications and then you can decide just how much visibility you want to offer it. You can choose from multiple logos and designs, or utilize your own custom graphics to complete your Corvette’s theme. They have graphic designers who will work with you so you get exactly the look you want. And with today’s trend of LED lighting, you can add illumination to your custom windscreen in a variety of colors and effects.

CorvetteBlogger Readers Save 10% On WindRestrictor Wind Deflectors

You can see many real-life examples at To get started, select your Corvette model from the red drop-down menu on the website to begin your order. CorvetteBlogger readers get 10% off + Free Customization and free shipping with the coupon code BLOG.