[VIDEO] Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter Talks About the Future of the C8 Corvette


[VIDEO] Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter Talks about the Future of the C8 Corvette

The Petersen Automotive Museum is hosting a Virtual Car Week celebration and today they featured a “C8 Tech Talk” video with Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter!

It’s been one year since the reveal of the 2020 Corvette and now we have the C8 Coupe, Convertible, and the C8.R racecars in the current portfolio. Tadge offers a quick update on the recent success of Corvette Racing over the last three races before moving on to the latest news with new Corvette production which can be summed up with the following:

We’ve literally built thousands of corvette coupes 2020 coupes since we started production in February, even though we did have to take a pretty substantial break for a few months for the COVID pandemic. Our first priority of course was the safety of our team members at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. But now we’re back up and running, and we’re running full steam ahead. We want to build as many cars as we can for the customers that have been waiting for many many years…”

[VIDEO] Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter Talks about the Future of the C8 Corvette

Tadge goes on to talk about how they extended the 2020 model year as long as they could to build those Corvettes that were ordered. The 2020 Convertible has also started production and Tadge points out that the Accelerate Yellow Convertible behind him in the GM Heritage Center is the car he has been driving all summer.

When it comes to revealing the “future” of the C8 Corvette, Tadge shares the latest 2021 model year information and what’s new for the C8’s sophomore year. The biggest news for Tadge is that the Magnetic Selective Ride Control that can be ordered without Z51:

Probably the biggest change we made for 2021 is that we’re making the magnetic selective ride system that previously could only be gotten with the Z51 package. Now you can have that on every Corvette. It’s almost a “magic shock absorber system” that combines the best of roadworthiness and compliant plush ride.

[VIDEO] Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter Talks about the Future of the C8 Corvette

The C8’s color offerings for 2021 are being updated with the two new colors, Silver Flare and Red Mist. Tadge says the Silver Flare features “a lot of travel,” meaning that the difference between the bright sections and darker sections depending on the way the car is lighted is much greater than most silver exteriors. Red Mist is a favorite color of the Chief Engineer and he says “photos don’t do it justice,” and adds “It looks really rich but it has a fire that comes through that tintcoat that’s unlike any paint color we’ve done in recent memory.”

The 2021s will start immediately after 2020 model year orders are wrapped up and Tadge says there will be “essentially no break” between the model years and that they are going to “Roll into 2021 to build as many cars as they can.”

Watch the full video with Tadge Juechter from the Petersen Automotive Museum via YouTube:

Petersen Automotive Museum

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  1. Once again we see Tadge in full marketing mode! I would have preferred that he addressed the “Flying Frunk” lid problem instead of marketing info we already know. I also wish that GM would be as concerned about the safety of its customers as it is of its UAW workers. I’m sitting the C8 out until GM owns their serious problems (safety & quality). As such I bought a new 2020 MX-5 today. Not the power of the C8, but it’s fun and safe to drive! Stay safe!

  2. PHILIP BOZEK, Maybe you need to read some more? The DIC warning clearly states that it limits the speed of the C8 to 82 mph if the trunk is open. Take that at face value and tell me there isn’t a problem. The warning doesn’t say partially open, fully open, etc. As far as the C8 is concerned you can have it fully up in air brake mode and still drive up to 82 mph.

    This is NOT what I would call “Excellence in Engineering”. Tadge needs to spend more time supervising the engineering team.

  3. So every time You get in the car make sure you frunk is properly closed. Do you really need a computer to walk about the car and tell you what’s not closed? Sell the car if you feel your life is in danger and drive your Gutless Mazda.

  4. Marko, Spoken like a true keyboard cowboy! lol I don’t own the C8 and at the rate GM is screwing things up I might never buy one although I am on an order list with a real 1100 event status… Whatever 1100 status means in terms of actually being delivered a real C8 that’s safe to drive. Until GM owns up to the frunk problem, which it EVENTUALLY will, I’m sitting back and enjoying my gutsy $36000 Miata MX-5. It drives nice, is nimble and safe to drive! In the mean time enjoy your early adopted “death trap” and hope the lid stays down the next time you launch it!

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