Book Your Corvette Owner’s School Classes for the Summer and Receive $300 Value in Extra Perks



The Summer Special is back at Spring Mountain and the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. Book your Corvette Owner’s School for now through August 31st for either the C7 or C8 Corvette and you will receive a 2-night stay in one of the school’s luxurious condominiums, plus a 16gb SDHC flashcard for your Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder.

Chevrolet offers a generous discount to new Corvette owners to attend the two-day performance driving school. Classes will begin filling up fast, so don’t wait until the end of your 1-year offer to book your dates. That happens too many times as owners wait too long to register for a class, and then they unable to utilize the Chevrolet discount at the school due to full classes.

The driving school has been taking precautions with COVID-19 and they are following all the recommended guidelines to protect their guests while at the facility. Some of the changes include reduced class sizes for social distancing, each student drives the same Corvette for the two-day class, and common areas are cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day.

Book Your Corvette Owner's School Classes for the Summer and Receive $300 Value in Extra Perks

The special is for new reservations only. To book your two-day Corvette Owner’s School, visit and select your track weapon of choice, the C7 Corvette or the new mid-engine C8 Corvette. For more information, call 1-800-391-6891.

Corvette Owner’s School

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