[VIDEO] Baltimore Police Release Footage of NFL’s Alex Collins Arrest Following Corvette Crash


[VIDEO] Baltimore Police Release Footage of NFL's Alex Collins Arrest Following Corvette Crash

Photo Credit: TMZ.com

Check out this intriguing video of the arrest of former NFL running back Alex Collins, whose troubles skyrocketed after he crashed his black C7 Corvette convertible in March near the Baltimore Ravens’ practice facility in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Now, bodycam video from the arresting officer has been obtained by TMZ Sports and reveals a courteous Collins explaining to the policeman on the scene that it had been snowing and he slid off the road in his Corvette about an hour and a half earlier around 4 a.m.

The incident wound up costing Collins his slot on the roster of the Ravens, who released him just nine hours after the arrest. The NFL also eventually suspended him for three games.

Collins fought the charges for months but finally pleaded guilty in October to two misdemeanor charges of possession of a handgun and possession of marijuana, receiving probation and a fine and getting his felony charges dropped, according to the TMZ Sports report.

Some people reading about any NFL star getting arrested for possession of weed and a handgun might jump to the conclusion that Collins was rude to authorities.

But this video actually shows a respectful and calm Collins explaining the accident and the marijuana.

The cop is equally calm and tells Collins that he is going to give him a $70 ticket because the car was not properly expired and had “bad tags,” then comes right out and asks Collins how much marijuana is in the Corvette because he smells it.

Collins says he doesn’t know but claims that the pot actually belongs to his passenger, known only to him as “TJ,” who had gotten out of the car and walked to his home after the crash.

TJ – actually Tykheem Dunaway – eventually returns to the scene and is shown on the video telling the officer that the marijuana actually belongs to Collins, claiming that he didn’t even know it was in the car until the accident. Despite his claims, TJ eventually was charged with marijuana possession, too.

Since he was found with 14 times the legal personal use limit, Collins originally was arrested and charged with CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) possession with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana in excess of 10 grams, and handgun in vehicle. Collins also admitted to police there were more guns and marijuana in his home. Cops subsequently obtained a search warrant and found two rifles, ammunition, and less than 10 grams of pot there.

Meanwhile, the bodycam video goes on to show the Corvette being pulled out of the ditch by a chain so it can be hauled away on a flatbed. We also see the glass jar containing five ounces of marijuana being taken out of the floor on the passenger side, as well as the officer’s flashlight revealing a handgun in the floorboard against the console on the driver’s side. The video ends with the confiscated items being placed in the trunk of the police car.

Collins, a former Seattle Seahawks fifth-round pick with 1,509 rushing yards and 14 rushing TDs in three years, is still hoping to resume his NFL career, but so far there have been no takers.


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