Accelerate Yellow is the 2020 Corvette Stingray’s Unicorn


Accelerate Yellow is the 2020 Corvette Stingray's Unicorn

Although we haven’t mentioned him much lately, everybody’s favorite Corvette_Nut is still offering interesting nuggets of C8 intel in the form of photos and videos. We’ve hypothesized previously that we believe him to be somehow related to a Corvette engineering team based on his proximity to the pre-launch C8 prototypes.

Late last night, Corvette_Nut posted this photo purported to by the C8 Corvette Stingray coupe in Accelerate Yellow, saying “I like what I see …..”. We don’t know if this image is real or photoshopped and we’ve been burned before, so we’ll leave it at that. But because of the source, we wanted to share it. (Update – It’s a photoshop!)

Accelerate Yellow is the unicorn of the 2020 Corvette Stingray as a fully-painted example has never been spied in public. The only one of 12 exterior colors not yet seen. Back at the NCM 25th Anniversary Celebration, Plant Manager Kai Spande shared a video that shows the painted body panels for the car so we assumed they could build one if and when they wanted to.

We thought for sure that we would see Accelerate Yellow as part of the reveal of the C8.R racer. As racing is a major part of the Corvette’s marketing plan, it would have made sense to show the streetcar side by side with the race car, but then Chevy threw us another curve by revealing the C8.R in a Silver livery with Yellow accents.

Corvette C8.R Racers

Then the strike came and that dashed all hopes of seeing the new Yellow until everyone goes back to work at the Corvette Assembly Plant. The good news is that could be soon as the UAW is voting this week on the new labor agreement.

Because of the built-up interest in the color, we’de like to see the Corvette Team do something special to introduce it. I was thinking SEMA but that’s predicated on having a car built and ready to display in just two weeks. Other ideas would be the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN) show in Chicago, the annual Christmas display at GM’s RenCen headquarters, or just save it until the Rolex 24 in January.

How would you want to see the new Yellow revealed? Let us know in the comments below.

Corvette C8.R Racers

Corvette Forum

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  1. Would really like to see Accelerate Yellow at anytime before My Order comes in. I have ordered an LT2 Z-51 Accelerate Yellow (Metallic) with Sterling Silver Strips front to rear with Adrenaline Red Interior, High Wing Spoiler and other Optional Equipment. Wish I already had in my grubby little hands, guess I’ll have to wait like everyone else. :((

    Looking at my Order Form Print out from Dealership, this IS the 1st time I have seen “Metallic” referenced with this yellow, hoping it is like the Pearlescent Looking Paint on my CTS Coupe “Triple Diamond White”. Hoping :))

  2. Get over yourself Chevrolet just build a car and show the damn color! You’ve had some great Yellows down through the years but I don’t think this new yellow is going to set the world on fire. You should have made it “Yellow Chrome” like the vinyl tape the car wrappers use & you should also have a “Red Chrome” color.

    I agree Chuck.

  3. I thought I might be the only nut to order a yellow one with a red interior. I am getting the convertible with the black top, black wheels, red brake calipers and and black fender stripes with red edges. I already have a red convertible sports car and I wanted something different that would stand out.

  4. Can we just get to the C8.Zora (street legal C8.R) already!

    That is what everyone else is doing nowadays. The C8/C8R were developed side by side afterall!

  5. I agree it is taking way to long to see an actual car in yellow. If it looks lime green we will change to a different color choice. Also don’t understand why the change to a grey C8R it won’t show up on the track. Whoever is doing colors need a new color palette. Yellow should be yellow.

  6. So much attention for a car that doesn’t look like anything new. It looks like a Lamborghini now.. there comes a time were style means as much as performance. Especially when you’ll never hit 150mph+ hardly EVER.. Bring back the beauty..

  7. The reveal should rightfully be at 24 [email protected] think the silver/yellow should have been black/yellow..a reverse of the sister car..if not exactly the same..these colors are legendary to us Chevy performance guys…at any rate here is to improved performance and a resurgence of success to the brand at home and matter what..we have a reputation to protect..CORVETTE RACING FOR LIFE!!

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