[VIDEO] Jake Fans Will Want Nigel Dobbie’s Book on the First 20 Years of Corvette Racing


[VIDEO] Jake Fans Will Want Nigel Dobbie's Book on the First 20 Years of Corvette Racing

Our friend Nigel Dobbie has a new book on the history of Corvette Racing that is now available at the National Corvette Museum’s online store. If you’re a Corvette Racing fan, you have to check this new book out.

The book chronicles every single race since Corvette Racing’s very first green flag in 1999. You are able to go back in time and read the individual accounts of nearly 200 endurance races that featured the C5-R, the C6.R, and C7.R race cars. Read about Corvette Racing’s first win ever. Follow the individual seasons where Corvette Racing battled Viper, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, and the Ford GTs.

But that’s just the first part! Nigel has also assembled the biographies of every factory driver who raced for the team, along with their Le Mans racing statistics. You can view the team’s race history by year, and one of our favorite features is a race history of every Corvette Racing chassis from the C5R-001 through C7RGT-007.

Corvette Racing The First 20 Years by Nigel Dobbie

Along with all that history and statistics are full-color photos of the cars, race tracks, and the team members who have carried the Corvette factory banner for the last 20 years.

Truly a remarkable book and one that Corvette Racing fans need to have in their library. Nigel self-published this book and it’s absolutely beautiful with the bright Corvette Racing Yellow hardbound cover. The book is available for $95 through the NCM Corvette Store. Museum members do receive a discount as part of their membership benefits.

During Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, Corvette Racing Program Manager Doug Fehan gave a hardy endorsement for the new book and invited Nigel up with him to say a few words. You can see it here:

NCM Corvette Store

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