[SPIED] An Arctic White C8 Corvette Convertible In Milford


[SPIED] An Arctic White C8 Corvette Convertible In Milford

C’mon already!

We’ve heard October as being the magic month for the reveal of the C8 Corvette Convertible. But we want to see it now!

Okay, we wait, but only because we have sightings like this of the new, new Corvette to share.

This Arctic White C8 Corvette Convertible was shared on the Corvete Forum by a user named “I got your Z06” who says a buddy of his spied the car in Milford and talked the driver. Like other hardtop convertible sightings, the roof and rear deck are covered in both camouflage with black cladding draped across the rear buttresses:

Buddy was on his way home in Milford and spotted this. Said he talks to the driver for 5 mins and that he was a friendly guy. Didn’t have any details about the C8Z but at least my buddy is learning the right questions to ask.


The Corvette Convertible shown here looks great with the Bright Trident wheels and red brake calipers.

So far Chevy has been mum on when exactly the Convertibles will be offered for sale, but we’ve heard they will start production about three months or so after the Coupes, so that would be a start time of around March.


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  1. When the C4 came out everyone said it was ugly too but sold more of that generation then any other. So, let’s wait and see. The proof is in the pudding.

  2. Actually, Chevrolet spelled it wrong. The three times we saw it listed in the source code, they called them “NACELLS”. They are still there, however the image associated with them is now gone. – Keith

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