[VIDEO] Extreme C8 Corvette Close-Up Part II


[VIDEO] Extreme C8 Corvette Close-Up Part II

YouTuber Jacob Daniel was behind that close encounter with the C8 Corvette parked on Woodward Avenue over the weekend and he just released another video which shows a close-up of the rear exhaust ports.

To be honest, we weren’t sure if this 21-second video warranted a whole separate blog post, but since a few days have elapsed from the original posting, here you go!

Jacob starts at the front of the car and then works his way back, pausing to look at the front wheels and brakes before moving to the rear of the car and putting the phone down by the exhaust. I bumped up the contrast and lighting somewhat in the photo above to get a better look at the exhaust pipes. You can see the pipes appear to take a 90-degree turn behind the port openings.

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been discussions that the C8 may be un-tunable due to the high level of security that GM has in place for the new Digital Vehicle Platform that will cover most of the car’s electronics. But what if other aftermarket upgrades on the car will be difficult and costly, if not impossible due to the packaging of the engine and related components in the back?

Seeing the exhaust ports packaged this way has us wondering about the development costs that the aftermarket exhaust providers like Corsa, Borla, and others will have to pony up to offer their products on the C8. Exhaust upgrades are one of the most popular aftermarket mods in the Corvette hobby, but I’m getting the sense that the only upgrades and mods available in the C8’s first year or two will be predominately appearance related…

Jacob Daniel / YouTube

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  1. Intake manifold, throttle body? Valve covers, lifters, rocker arm trunions and push rods? If the exhaust manifold is like the current stock one perhaps a lighter/better header? I hope the engine is not covered in plastic like the C7.

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