[VIDEO] Watch a $10 Million Corvette Grand Sport Play in the Snow


[VIDEO] Watch a $10 Million Corvette Grand Sport Play in the Snow

We’ve long admired the Simeone Museum for its willingness to let patrons see and hear their classic cars the way they were intended to be – all cranked up and rolling around outside on the pavement.

At the Philadelphia museum, enthusiasts can see, hear and smell history come to life through the magnificent machines on display there. In fact, so-called Demo Days are held on the second and fourth Saturday of each month, with two Ferraris, a Maserati, and a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe lined up to get some exercise at the next sample set for March 9.

Classic Corvettes are among the stars at the Simeone, too. In fact, Hagerty.com just posted a video showing an original 1963 Corvette Grand Sport having a blast in the parking lot of the museum back in 2016.

Under the headline of “Driving a 1-of-2 Corvette Grand Sport in the snow looks like a blast,” the video proves that the museum doesn’t call a halt to Demo Days even when the weather outside is frightening.

According to the video, Simeone decided to go ahead with the Demo Day that blustery day but only with two of its cars that have fiberglass bodies that wouldn’t be hurt by the precipitation. A 1966 Corvette with a 427 engine also joined the fun, too, but the star of the show was definitely this boisterous Corvette Grand Sport, chassis number 002 that is estimated to be worth as much as $10 million or more. Watch as this lovable classic is driven in a closed parking lot as snow falls peacefully all around it, with a crowd of enthusiasts looking on excitedly.

We’re not sure if we’d have the guts to drive what is said to be the only Grand Sport in original unrestored condition on such a bad day. It’s also one of just two in roadster fashion.

Fortunately, the car made it safe and sound through the Demo Day, but the museum did have a backup plan of sorts. It seems a previous owner had vintage raced the Grand Sport and had an exact replica of the body built to keep the original body from being smashed on the track. At Simeone, it again sports the original body, with the replica body on display in the museum next to a spare replica engine.

While we are always impressed to see an ultra-low mileage car like a ZR1 lovingly cared for in a climate-controlled garage, we also have a tinge of sadness knowing that the car will never be used the way its creators intended – going full bore on a track or a highway.

That’s why it’s great to see the Simeone Museum being brave enough to take their priceless cars out for an occasional spin – even if it means a few snowflakes fall onto the body.

Would you be so brave?

Hagerty.com via Jalopnik

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