[ACCIDENT] Corvette vs Fire Hydrant Outside a Ford Dealership


[ACCIDENT] Corvette vs Fire Hydrant Outside a Ford Dealership

So many questions!

This Arctic White Corvette coupe is shown in this twitter video as its being drenched by a broken fire hydrant. With the position of the car being at a 90-degree angle as opposed to the rest of the traffic, we should assume the Corvette may have been the cause.

But I have a theory!

Maybe just maybe a new Mustang owner was so happy with his new purchase that he attempted a Cars and Coffee burnout on the way out, causing the Stingray to evade and crashing into the hydrant. Now that seems more logical!

Video comes from CHellerTVNews via Twitter with the action taking place in Ontario, CA.

Yep, that a Corvette all right!

CHellerTVNews / Twitter

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  1. Fucking asshole got exactly what he deserved! I guess the hydrant jumped out in front of him. I hope the township makes him pay for a new fire hydrant with installation.

  2. Why do you consider it necessary to continually show Corvettes involved in accidents?

  3. With all the computer stuff in cars now, I think the Vette was like HAL in 2001 A Space Odyssey and overheard its owner saying he was trading the Vette for a Mustang and tried to take him out.

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