[VIDEO] Corvette Owners Unhappy with New Front License Plate Law in North Dakota


[VIDEO] Corvette Owners Unhappy with New Front License Plate Law in North Dakota

For years, Corvette owners in some states have had to ruin the aerodynamics, engine cooling, and overall look by attaching a front license plate.

Some relief could be on the way in North Dakota, according to a story we found on valleynewslive.com.

But the bad news is that the way a new law is currently proposed, only a few Corvettes would be eligible.

The new proposal would exempt any two-seater car that is worth more than $110,000 from having to use a front license plate.

Sounds good on paper, but that means unless you happen to be one of the lucky folks who have a new ZR1 or a super-loaded Z06, you’re still stuck with doing what Corvette enthusiast Owen Michelson of North Dakota has to do to comply with the law when driving his 2019 Admiral Blue Grand Sport coupe.

That is, get down on the garage floor and crawl around to attach a license plate to the front of your car. In Michelson’s case, the tag “slides up underneath, pushes in and locks in, and usually it scrapes on every curb and things like that,” Michelson says.

[VIDEO] Corvette Owners Unhappy with New Front License Plate Law in North Dakota

Since he wants to be sure he’s legal when driving his pride and joy, he doesn’t have any choice since his Grand Sport, like most new Corvettes, didn’t list for anywhere near the cutoff of $110,000.

“I don’t want to be stopped for something as simple as not having a front license plate,” he says.

Michelson believes the proposed change in the law doesn’t go far enough and thinks all vehicles should be exempt from the front license plate rule.

“If you’re meeting a car at night, I don’t even know how you can even see a front license plate if it flashes by,” he said.

According to valleynewslive.com, 19 states currently require only a rear license plate for all vehicles.


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  1. It’s a shame when a law or requirement is made so by buffoons! Basing it on the cost of the car, DA They must be using some kind of loco weed!

  2. Who “crawls around on the floor” to attach two plate screws? He needs one of those Hide-A-Plate devices! Anyway the law stinks always did always will. Here in CT they leave you alone unless you do something really stupid. I thought ND was a GOP state where is that Libertarian Spirit?

  3. I believe Corvette America sells two types that slide underneath front bumper. One even is electrical where you can hit a switch and put it up once you are pulled over.

  4. Sounds like a revenue generator. Especially if it’s a primary offense. Many ‘two tag’ states have secondary offense for not running a front tag. I live in a two tag state and haven’t had any problems in 15 years of driving my Corvettes with only a tag in the back. I’ve even seen unmarked police vehicles with only a rear tag.

  5. From Cars.com
    the study found that having a second plate makes it easier to photograph (and ticket) those who run stop signs and red lights, don’t pay tolls or drive out of unattended pay garages and parking lots without paying. Linking automatic license plate readers to databases also makes it easier to track down scofflaws electronically instead of having human eyeballs view every image to identify license plate numbers.
    It’s always about money

  6. I have NEVER heard a LEO say that front plates were “necessary” to ID a vehicle.
    It’s simply been a money grab all of these decades…and an excuse to pull over
    anyone driving suspiciously. Now with cameras on every corner of the planet, the
    justification of front plates for “identifying” a vehicle is actually valid. Nonetheless,
    I haven’t run a front plate since I bought my ’79 Trans Am new and I live in one of
    the toughest states enforcement-wise. I’ve been pulled over for the “offense” once,
    years ago in a Miata. Needless to say, my 2018 GS will NEVER see a front plate.

  7. I’ve never known a state with the front plate law that ever enforced it as anything but a secondary infraction or as a pretext for additional investigation of DUI, drugs, etc. Don’t act like an asshole and you won’t get bothered, even if you’re supposed to have a front plate and you don’t. This guy is going through all these machinations for his own personal edification.

  8. Living in Colorado were required to have a front plate on everything driven. Our state troopers and sheriff dept. will be the first to give you a ticket for not having a front plate.(i believe it’s a $35 or $50 ticket) I was in a corvette club and we tried to have a bill signed into state law to make the corvettes exempt! Close but no cigar. The only ones that are exempt for this state is the street rod. Good Luck!!

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