National Corvette Museum to Deliver 12,000th Corvette


National Corvette Museum to Deliver 12,000th Corvette

In September 1995, the National Corvette Museum delivered their first Corvette as part of a new delivery program offered to new Corvette owners. Since that time, the option “R8C” has been available on any new Corvette order, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy a very special delivery experience at the National Corvette Museum just across the street from the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

On Thursday, December 20, 2018, the NCM will celebrate their 12,000th R8C Museum Delivery when Gary and Diane Thompson arrive from California to take delivery of their 2019 Elkhart Lake Blue Grand Sport Coupe. Gary and Diane originally flew to Gaithersburg, Maryland, to look through the diverse Corvette inventory with National Corvette Salesman Mike Furman at Criswell Chevrolet. Incidentally, on July 26, Mike Furman celebrated 40 years as a new Corvette salesman, delivering dreams to over 4,134 new Corvette customers as well as approximately 8,000 other new Chevrolet vehicle deliveries. It is fitting that Mike Furman, an NCM Lifetime Member and NCM Ambassador, happens to be responsible for the NCM’s 12,000th delivery.

National Corvette Museum to Deliver 12,000th Corvette

National Corvette Museum to Deliver 12,000th Corvette

After discussing all of the available options and configurations with Mike, Gary and Diane settled on the options they would want on their new Grand Sport, including the R8C Museum Delivery experience. Now all they had to do was wait for their dream Corvette to be built and to receive word from the NCM about when their Corvette would be available for delivery.

Gary has dreamt of owning a new Corvette since he was eight years old, so the NCM Delivery Experience is going to be extra special for the Thompson family. Gary and Diane’s son and daughter, Josh Thompson and Jennifer Murrill, plan to join their parents for the special day.

As part of the R8C delivery, the family will enjoy a personal, VIP guided tour of the National Corvette Museum where they will first see their new Corvette on display on Corvette Boulevard inside the NCM. Signs will be posted commemorating the special event and their names will be displayed on screens throughout the facility. Following the tour, a member of the NCM Delivery Team will provide a thorough orientation of their new Corvette. At this point, a unique gold R8C decal will be placed on the inside driver’s door jamb, and Gary will enjoy his first ride as the delivery team member drives his car out of the building to the applause and celebration of everyone in the museum. Photo opportunities will take place outside of the NCM as well as in front of the Corvette plant next door.

In addition to the delivery experience, the Thompson family will receive a travel detail kit, a one-year membership to the NCM, and will have an opportunity to take touring laps in an NCM Corvette on the track at the nearby Motorsports Park. A VIP tour of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant where Corvettes are built is normally included in the experience as well, but with the temporary closure of public tours, a rain check is provided to delivery customers who are unable to take a tour at this time.

National Corvette Museum to Deliver 12,000th Corvette

You can see Gary and Diane’s new 2019 Corvette Grand Sport parked on Corvette Blvd inside the NCM via Delivery Camera 7.

For more information about the R8C Museum Delivery program, visit the National Corvette Museum.

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