Corvette Museum is Offering a Personalized Orientation of Your C7 Corvette


Corvette Museum Offering Personalized Orientation of Your C7 Corvette

The C7 Corvette is one awesome machine – but also a supercar that can be a little intimidating to some owners due to its complex nature.

But there’s help on the way.

The National Corvette Museum Delivery Department is offering “Corvette 101” – a sort of mini-college class for owners seeking to understand their C7 better and learn how to tap all of its tremendous potential.

The classes are highly personalized, with an NCM Delivery Team member providing a quality, thorough orientation of YOUR car after researching its options via the VIN.

“Come prepared with any questions you may have regarding the features of your car,” the NCM says.

With so many high-tech features, the Corvette is full of possible topics, including the infotainment system, memory seats, drive mode selection, performance data recorder, head-up display, driver instrument center, front and rear cameras, remote keyless entry/remote start, and vehicle maintenance/car, just to name a few.

The best part to us is the relatively low cost – just $50 per hour. You’ll need to pay that fee for the first hour when you schedule your appointment, but then you will have the option to buy more hours if you need them once you’re at the NCM.

Appointments are available at either 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. CT. You’ll need to check in a half hour before your scheduled session.

You can find out more about Corvette 101 (which definitely sounds a lot more interesting than World History 101 or Statistics 303, doesn’t it?) by contacting Museum Delivery Program Manager Shane Webb at [email protected] or (800) 205-4248 / (270) 777-4505. You can also reach Lori Bieschke at [email protected] or (800) 205-4248 / (270) 467-8851.

Get those thinking caps out now!


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  1. Yeah, sure, pay $1000 for Museum delivery and then pay extra to learn how to not screw up your new car or learn how to work the Nav system – what a deal, boys and girls. :-))

  2. I have to agree with the comments about the fact you pay a hefty price for Museum Delivery instead of delivery at your local Chevrolet dealer who has sales staff who will give you vehicle information for free as part of the sales delivery process.

    Since the Museum is doing the sales delivery of the car how is this any different than a dealer delivery service where you get “FREE” delivery training on your newly purchased car.

    This is really chintzy on the part of the Museum, please rethink this rip off of the Corvette faithful customers who support the Museum.

  3. Or you can read the car manual. If you bought it at the dealer they would go over the car with you for free.

  4. I agree with most here. With that $1000 should come UNLIMITED “training” (up
    to 4 hours). This smacks of a desperate money grab and needs to be eliminated.
    Immediately. The most loyal buyers on the planet deserve better.

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