QUICK SHIFTS: Ron Fellows School, NCM Donations, 1966 Corvette, Coloring Book and More



We are trying something new here that I’m calling QUICK SHIFTS so let’s see how it goes over. We come across so much Corvette content each week in our quest to bring you the latest news and features but we can’t post everything. These QUICK SHIFTS posts will serve as a clearinghouse for some of the links we found and considered being worthy of viewing.


Slash Gear’s Jessica Mack takes a class at the Ron Fellows School of Performance at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club. The article is a great perspective from someone’s whose first time behind the wheel of the Corvette was with the experienced instructors at Spring Mountain.

Read it at: SlashGear.com

SlashGear visits Spring Mountain and the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School

Photo Credit: SlashGear.com


National Corvette Museum Curator Derek Moore takes a look at some of the significant Corvettes that were donated to the NCM back in the early 1990s that became the core of the NCM’s collection.


My friend Mike Furman knows I own a Black/Silver 1966 Corvette and it’s a pretty rare color combo not often seen. Today he sent me this link to a 1966 L72 Corvette in Black and Silver offered for sale by Corvette Mike:

1966 Corvette for sale


Looking for something for the kids this holiday season? Check out the new Fireball Tim VETTE Coloring Book available at Amazon.com! The book features 19 custom Corvettes and one wild Corvette maze that will keep the kids or grandkids busy for hours! Plus it’s a great way to introduce the younger generation to the world of custom Corvettes!

Fireball Tim VETTE Coloring Book


This is probably old news for those that are already playing Gran Turismo Sport, but in the latest update, the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray can now be driven in the video game! The split-window ’63 can be seen (and heard) in this gameplay clip. Gran Turismo Sport is available for PS4 game systems.

1963 Corvette in Gran Tourismo Sport


Here something funny I’ll leave you with.

Corvette ZR1 meme

Has the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Been Delayed Six Months for Electrical Problems?
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