[VIDEO] The Corvette Dream Giveaway Just Got Better with 50% Bonus Tickets!


[VIDEO] The Corvette Dream Giveaway Just Got Better with 50% Bonus Tickets!

Earlier this year we had the unique opportunity to check out the two Corvettes that will be given away as the grand prizes for this year’s Corvette Dream Giveaway. Both cars were very easy to drive, just hop in and turn the key and off you go!! However, when we saw them earlier this year, they had not yet visited the go-fast pros at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering for their planned engine upgrades.

We caught up again with the matching Arctic White Corvettes just a couple of weeks ago where they were displayed during the Bloomington Gold Corvette show at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and both cars were now sporting the Lingenfelter upgrades:

The 1965 Lingenfelter Sting Ray Restomod is powered by an LS3 V8 and thanks to LPEs head and cam package, the C2 Coupe now makes 550 horsepower! On the modern end, the Arctic White Corvette Grand Sport has the factory LT1 that also received Lingenfelter’s head and cam package and now makes 600-horsepower through its naturally-aspirated V8.

Check out this short video from the Corvette Dream Giveaway showing off the two Corvettes at Bloomington Gold and then stay tuned for the special offer below:

Starting today, the Corvette Dream Giveaway has upped our offer for free tickets with your donation. With a $25 minimum donation, they are now offering our readers 50% bonus tickets! That’s thirty tickets for the cost of 20 on a $25 donation!! Just follow this link and get your bonus tickets today!

The Corvette Dream Giveaway supports the New Beginning Children’s Homes and a number of other well-known charities and ticket donations are tax-deductible! The Grand Prize also features $50,000 check to pay for the winner’s taxes. With the Corvette Dream Giveaway, everyone is a winner!

I’ve had the opportunity to drive both of these Corvettes and they would be the proud centerpiece of any Corvette collection. But you can’t Win the Vettes if you don’t have any tickets. Get yours today!!

[VIDEO] The Corvette Dream Giveaway Just Got Better with 50% Bonus Tickets!

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