[PIC] Sneak Peek at Corvette Racing’s 2018 Race Livery Features a Patriotic Jake


[PIC] Sneak Peek at Corvette Racing's 2018 Race Livery Features a Patriotic Jake

Photo Credit: David James / Facebook

The 2018 IMSA Weathertech Championship Series will get underway on Friday in Daytona International Speedway at the first official test of the year known as the Roar Before the 24. The Corvette C7.Rs have arrived and now we are getting our first glimpse of the new race livery.

The photo comes from crew member David James who shared the photo on his Facebook page.

David only shared the hood of the C7.R which shows a patriotic Jake in Red, White and Blue in the center of the hood:

[PIC] Sneak Peek at Corvette Racing's 2018 Race Livery Features a Patriotic Jake

Back in the day, the introduction of the new racing livery on the Corvettes was a big deal. Today the designs are handled by the Corvette design team and so the changes year to year have been greatly minimized. It’s a given they will be Corvette Racing Yellow with Black aero and wheels. The last few years have seen silver accents around the front quarter panels and last year an American flag motif was included.

Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin arrived in Daytona today and shared this photo of the 2018 Corvette C7.R on twitter:

Here is one more from @PanzerCerumo on twitter:

The Roar Before the 24 runs Friday through Sunday and you can see the schedule at IMSA.com.

David James / Facebook

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  1. Nice livery! Will there be a BoP upgrade for Corvette this year? Those BMW’s were pretty stout in 2017.

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