Cadillac Racing’s Withdraw from PWC Opens the Door for the Callaway C7 GT3


Cadillac Racing's Withdraw from PWC Opens the Door for the Callaway C7 GT3

Photo Credit: Corvette Motorsport

Last week Cadillac Racing announced the conclusion of their highly successful campaign in the Pirelli World Challenge. In its 11 years of competition, Cadillac Racing racked up 33 wins, 121 podium finishes (including the wins), and 25 pole positions as well as multiple drivers and team championships. The team will be focusing its efforts now with the prototype program.

The move now opens the door for Callaway Competition who was previously barred from competing in the USA due to its agreement with General Motors. Chevrolet’s Motorsports Director Mark Kent confirmed the change in status in a statement sent to

“The conclusion of the Cadillac Racing programme in Pirelli World Challenge GT will provide new opportunities for Callaway Competition to compete in both the PWC GT and the IMSA GTD series with their Corvette C7 GT3.”

GM allowed Callaway to homologate their Corvette-based Callaway C7 GT3-R with the FIA with a promise that it wouldn’t be run in North America where it would be in competition with Cadillac Racing’s PWC efforts. In a previous interview with Daily Sports Car, Callaway Competition’s owner Ernst Wohr said: “If we ever go to America, it’s because they’ve retired the Cadillac, we would build a lot more cars, and build them here and in the USA.”

With a built-in fan base of Callaway and Corvette Racing fans, a Callaway C7 GT-3 would be a welcome addition to either the Pirelli World Challenge or even IMSA’s WeatherTech Championship Series.

Just last week, Callaway Competition’s C7 GT-3 wrapped up another year at Germany’s ADAC GT Masters Series, finishing first and second in the driver’s championship and first in the team championship.


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