[VIDEO] George Wintersteen Drives His Former #002 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster


[VIDEO] George Wintersteen Drives his Former #002 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster

Photo Credit: Andrew Taylor / Twitter

Last weekend, one of the most valuable and historic Corvettes was let loose for some exercise. We’re talking about the #002 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster campaigned famously in 1966 by George Wintersteen. That car was one of the Chevrolets vs Fords exhibits that took part in Demo Day on Saturday at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia.

And who was that behind the wheel of the Grand Sport? George Wintersteen!

Corvette Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov imagined a lightweight factory-built racecar that could complete on the world stage. But before he could fully realize that dream, the project was shut down.

A total of five Grand Sports were built, the first two featuring roadster bodies while the final three chassis were Coupes. Zora hung onto the roadsters until 1966 when he sold them both to Roger Penske. Roger kept the #001 Corvette and took it to Sebring in 1966. The #002 chassis was sold to Wintersteen, who campaigned the car with his number 12 in SCCA races throughout the year.

Wintersteen’s last race in the car was at Mosport in June 1966 and he would sell the car for $6,700 to John Thorn. Initially, Wintersteen figured he had gotten the better part of the deal. Years later he would be quoted saying “I wish to hell I still had the Grand Sport.”

Here’s a quick video (with goofy background music) of George Wintersteen driving his former #002 Corvette Grand Sport in the parking lot of the Simeone Museum. At least you can hear the sounds from the Grand Sport’s Traco 427 racing engine:


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