[PIC] The World’s Greatest Wedding Photo Featuring a Corvette


[PIC] World's Greatest Wedding Photo Featuring a Corvette

Photo Credit: Maddie Powers Photo

CorvetteBlogger.com would like to wish congratulations to our friends Adam Ellison and his lovely bride, Katie Frassinelli Ellison. The couple tied the knot over the weekend in Bowling Green, KY. Later, while cruising Facebook, I came across the photos of the event which includes the world’s greatest wedding photo featuring a Corvette.

As Katie is the marketing and communications manager for the National Corvette Museum, I am sure she is used to making sacrifices for Corvettes. That streak of unselfishness was on display during the taking of photos when Adam noticed a spec of dust on his Torch Red Corvette Stingray. Not having a microfiber towel on him, he simply used the next best material around – the train of a wedding dress.

Katie’s reaction is priceless and Adam is happy because his Corvette is clean once again! Adam said on facebook, “She works at the Corvette Museum I thought this was acceptable… Wrong!”

Congratulations again to Adam and Katie and may you have a long and happy journey together!

Adam Ellison / Facebook
Photo Credit: Maddie Powers Photo

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  1. It’s not like she plans to ever wear that dress again, so why not find another good use for it?

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