[ACCIDENT] Corvette Driver Nearly Decapitated in Crash Under Florida School Bus


[ACCIDENT] Corvette Driver Nearly Looses Head in Crash Under Florida School Bus

Photo Credit: rnrfonline.com

The low profile, wedge-shaped design of the C4 Corvette was designed to cut through the air with minimal resistance. But that same design can also get sleepy drivers into trouble as one Corvette owner found in Brooksville, FL. this week.

According to the news site Real News Real Fast, this Corvette driver had finished his work on the night shift and was on his way home when he fell asleep behind the wheel.

The Torch Red Corvette hit the rear of a Hernando County School Bus and wedged under it. The accident nearly decapitated the driver as the car luckily stopped just short of his head.

The school bus wasn’t transporting children at the time and miraculously the driver was able to walk away from the crash.

Hopefully, the Corvette will be okay as a tow-truck was called in to lift the bus off the sports car.


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