California Super Coupes Brings C7 Styling to the C5 Corvette


California Super Coupes Brings C7 Styling to the C5 Corvette

Maybe we sold our ’97 Corvette too soon.

Take a look at this “brand new to the market” conversion kit from California Super Coupes that gives C5s the rear end look of a C7!

While we haven’t been too crazy about the conversion kits that give a C7 the round tail light look of a C6, we really think this C7 rear bumper looks super cool on a C5. Most non-enthusiasts would even think you are driving the latest edition from Bowling Green!

California Super Coupes Brings C7 Styling to the C5 Corvette

The cost isn’t that bad, either, at just $3,995 for the CSCRBC579704-Kit that will bolt on to the factory mounting points, with apparently no modifications required.

The kit includes the C7 rear bumper, wire harness, GM tail lights, GM vents, GM 3rd brake light with housing, GM reflectors, and all GM hardware. Not included is the exhaust, with modifications required to exhaust tips, according to the company website.

What do you think about this conversion from California Super Coupes? Let us know in the comment’s below!

California Super Coupes Brings C7 Styling to the C5 Corvette

California Supercoupes

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  1. As a Corvette owner of 5 of the 7 generations I must say you did a nice job on the rear, but that is a lot to be desired on the side window.. If you want to look like a C7 get that looking as a C7 looks. Final although I think the craftsmanship is very nice, I believe that a Corvette should not be changed to appear to be another generation. But then again that is me and we all travel to the beat of different drums.

  2. I would agree. Do not change the original design of a Corvette. The only change that can improve a Corvette is different wheels.

  3. From an owner of a 16 Z51 I think it’s cool. There are folks who want rad & new but can afford a C5 or own one. I like it!

  4. Seriously? You pick the most controversial body aspect of the C7 to mimic? Bad choice and I’d certainly avoid putting it on my C5. Why not the front end of a C7 which is nicer than the C5? Oh yeah, $4k for than F show?? No wonder I haven’t heard of this company before and they probably won’t last long.

  5. When I saw this, I just knew I had to have it!!!! so my husband and I did it to our ’98 Nassau Blue Convertible and love it! Not sure how I can put a picture on here. We opted for the full spoiler across the rear (which took more work to make it fit the contour of the C5, we had to ad about 1 1/2″ to each end of spoiler and shape it right) and had stripes painted down the deck lid and rear bumper. The exhaust re rout was a bit of a headache but we were determined to get it right. We have had so many good remarks about it, it was worth the work. We did all the fit work for the tail lights, spoiler, 3rd brake light and reflectors & screens……. and then just had the body shop paint it. We finished putting all the components together after the paint was done. We think our “57”,(part C5, and part C7) is a one of a kind custom and we love it!

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