Holden’s Finale for Commodore Features LS9 V8 and Will Cost $165K


Holden's Finale for Final Commodore Features LS9 V8 and a Price Tag of $165K

If you never got around to buying a new C6 Corvette ZR1 during its run from 2009-13, then you’ve got another chance…sort of.

News Corp Australia is reporting that General Motors has given the green light to use the left-over ZR1 engines in the final Commodore models to be built next year before the Adelaide production line shuts down in Australia.

But if you thought the ZR1 was expensive at $125,000 when it rolled out of the dealership showrooms in America, then you’d better hold onto your hat because the Commodore will reportedly have a whopping $165,000 sticker.

But it will be a historic vehicle for sure, becoming the last V8 sedan made locally AND the most powerful vehicle ever manufactured in Australia over the past 100-plus years!

Holden won’t confirm the story, but News Corp Australia claims it has the exclusive inside scoop that the ZR1 engine will indeed power the highly anticipated car in the Land Down Under.

Less than 250 of the cars will be produced because of the limited number of ZR1 engines available.

This would become the second time in recent history that a Corvette engine has been used in a Holden vehicle, the first coming in 2008 with the 7.0-liter Z06 powerplant. That car was made by Holden Special Vehicles, a separate Melbourne-based company that has produced Holden’s performance models for 29 years, and News Corp says the encore version is expected to be built there, too.

Holden believes the new supercar will be a hit with the buying public thanks to the end of production looming, not to mention the fact that waiting in the wings is an imported Commodore due in 2018 with just a four-cylinder engine – quite a far cry from the V8 powerhouse swiped out of the ZR1.


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