Chevy Says You Should Change Your Corvette Z06’s Oil After First 500 Miles


Chevy Says You Should Change Your Corvette Z06's Oil After First 500 Miles

Chevrolet’s Corvette Z06 is a technological masterpiece when it comes to spinning fast laps on a track, but there does seem to be a not so positive narrative emerging about the LT4s inability to keep those track laps going without overheating or worse, having the engine granading itself.

We’ve told the tale of a Corvette Forum user named ‘lawdogg149’ whose Corvette Z06’s engine blew up with just 891 miles on the odometer while another Forum owners says his blew up with only 6 miles on it. Most recently, Fox New Reporter Gary Gastelu ended his track day early after dropping oil and “some bits and pieces” on the track.

According to Chevrolet, the issues with these cars seem to have three things in common – early production builds, oil contamination and low miles.

The Truth About Cars website (TTAC) reports that Chevrolet has acknowledged that contaminates in the oil are cycling through the engine during the break in period with is 0-500 miles. Those contaminates may be thread shavings from the oil filter. To combat the issue, Chevrolet is now asking owners to change their oil at 500 miles to help remove any of those contaminates which may have worked their way into the oil system.

Chevrolet’s Corvette spokesman Monte Doran provided the following statement to TTAC:

[quote_box_center]”We now encourage all owners to change their oil at 500 miles to remove possible contaminants created during the engine break-in process. And, as always, we encourage the use of Mobil 1 synthetic oil – which is a factory fill for all Z06 models, and Stingray Z51 models – and encourage owners to follow the engine break-in process detailed in the owner’s manual” [/quote_box_center]

Mobil 1’s David Tsurusaki reminds us (and we are reminding you) that when you get your oil changed, confirm with the service department that they are using Mobil 1 oil which is part of the Chevrolet Complete Care Program. If a dealer tells you that Mobil 1 requires an additional fee, tell them to lookup GlobalConnect message # G_0000205212 for details.

If you have a Corvette Stingray with the Z51 package, get your oil changed at 500 miles as well. It’s a covered service and it just a good practice to follow.

Chevy Says Change that Corvette Z06s Oil after First 500 Miles

Chevrolet says they are making changes to the manufacturing process to help minimize the risk of oil contamination and that of the 9,000 Corvette Z06s produced, less than one percent have had engine problems.

Because Chevrolet believes the issues were happening in early production builds, let’s hope the oil contamination issue has been solved. Now if we could just get something done about those overheating problems.

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  1. A friend of mine bought a 2016 Z51 with the 8 Speed and has overheat issues. The official answer from GM was the z51 is a press car not meant to run more then two laps on a track. If he wants a track car to buy a Z06..

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  3. The Dealership said they called the GM Help line and that was the official answer even has a call reference number with who at Gm Help Desk said it .. The car is almost un usable even at an hpde event 12 mins mild driving overheats

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