[ACCIDENT] Corvette Stingray Ends Up in a Missouri Soybean Field


[ACCIDENT] Corvette Stingray Ends Up in Missouri Soybean Field
Photo Credit: Adam Jones/Twitter

Back when I was in high school, we had an FFA teacher (that’s Future Farmers of America for you city folks) who made the same lame joke every year during the annual awards ceremony when presenting his outstanding student. He’d always say something to the effect of “there aren’t any students out standing in my field!”

That joke immediately crossed my mind when I saw this “outstanding” Black Corvette Stingray which somehow ended up in a soybean field in Missouri.

The photo was posted on twitter this afternoon by Adam Jones (@jonescuivrefarm):

A #WildRide is right! From the second photo, it looks like the Stingray cut a wide swath through the neighbor’s field before eventually coming to a stop.

As Adam said his neighbor “found” the car in the field, we reached out to him find out if the Corvette’s driver was still with the car and perhaps missed a turn or if we are dealing with an abandoned car that might have been taken for a joy ride.

Adam responded to our query about the owner and said “It happened at 2 am and the car belonged to a guy that lived down the road. Sounds like he was okay from what I heard”.

So there you have it! The owner will probably have to pay for a tow back to the dealer and perhaps some restitution to the farmer’s damaged crops, but glad to hear that he is okay. Hopefully, the Corvette will be okay once its extricated from the sea of green soybeans.

While Chevy wants its owners to find new roads, I doubt this is what they had in mind.

Adam Jones/Twitter

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