[PICS] 2016 Corvette’s New B92 Carbon Fiber Visible Hood


[PIC] 2016 Corvette's New Carbon Fiber Visible Hood

We first saw the return of RPO B92 at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash event where it was on display on the 2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition. But that hood was covered with a Jake graphic and with the car roped off and parked indoors, it was hard to get a really good look at it let alone a good photo. Now we have some new pics from our friends at Kerbeck Corvette showing the B92 hood on a new 2016 Corvette Z06.

Since 2004, Chevrolet has led the way with carbon fiber body panels on cars produced in the USA. The original B92 hood first made its appearance on the 2004 Corvette Z06 and it was the first carbon fiber painted hood on a North American produced vehicle.

Today’s Corvette Z06s all come with painted carbon fiber hoods as standard but sometimes owners want to show off that weave pattern that makes carbon fiber a little more special. And as Corvette is already offering owners the choice of a visible carbon fiber roof and carbon fiber aerodynamic bits like splitters and rocker panels, the return of the B92 hood at this time makes a lot of sense.

To be clear and you see from the photos, only the hood bulge area shows the carbon fiber weave pattern while the rest of the hood is painted in the exterior color of the car. It’s available in all colors and models (Stingray/Z06) as a free-flow option and costs $1,995.

[PIC] 2016 Corvette's New B92 Carbon Fiber Visible Hood

Our biggest concern currently with the hood is the constraint reports which allow dealers to place orders with the option. Despite being in its third year of production, Corvette suppliers seem to have a hard time with the Carbon Fiber bits like the roofs, ground effects and even the interior FAY Interior Trim Panel. Sure enough, a quick look at the most recent constraint report show that its unavailable for ordering in four of Corvette’s most popular colors (Black, Torch Red, Shark Gray, Arctic White). The B92 option on the constraint report is listed as a Start Up Restriction that is expected to last less than 4 weeks.

We love the look that the B92 Carbon Fiber visible hood provides and think it will be absolutely stunning on many of the colors including Torch Red and Arctic White. We can also imagine some interesting custom striping around it to really set it off.

[PIC] 2016 Corvette's New B92 Carbon Fiber Visible Hood

Thanks again goes out to Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck Corvette for sharing these photos. As you can see, when you are the World’s Largest Corvette Dealer, you tend to get shipments of new Corvettes first. In fact, these Corvettes are so new that they don’t even have invoices or window stickers yet, but that should change by the end of the week according to Dave. If you are interested in ordering your own 2016 Corvette Stingray or Z06, visit www.Kerbeck.com or call Dave Salvatore at 877-537-2325.

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  1. I have had my Z06/ZO7 on order since 7/17/15 with the carbon B29 hood, splitter and side skirts. When do you think GM will start building the corvettes with these options?

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