[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Skydome Update Shows Repairs are Nearing Completion


[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Skydome Update for June 22nd

The National Corvette Museum has provided another update on the restoration of the Skydome following last year’s sinkhole which swallowed eight cars. Project Manager Zach Massey is back and shows how far their efforts have come since we last visited the Skydome at the NCM Bash in late April when they were still pouring concrete.

According to Zach, the concrete floors have all been polished and a new guardrail has been installed around the perimeter of the Skydome. The plexiglas wall that used to separate the Skydome from the rest of the Museum is now down and they are redoing the carpet that serves as the entrance. Also new is what Zach called the doghouse opening to the Skydome – an 8×12 foot garage door where the Museum staff can have easy access to move vehicles and exhibits in and out of the signature display area.

Zach says all the security fencing is now down and crews are doing the final clean up inside as well. From the progress we see, it looks like the Corvette Museum’s Skydome will be reopened to the public in just a couple of weeks.

Here is the update from Zach Massey:

National Corvette Museum

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