[VIDEO] A New Concrete Slab Covers Half of the Corvette Museum’s SkyDome


[VIDEO] A New Concrete Slab Covers Half of the Corvette Museum's SkyDome

The restoration of the National Corvette Museum’s SkyDome that was damaged last year when a sinkhole opened up inside has reached another milestone this week.

Yesterday, construction workers poured over 200 cubic yards of concrete onto the floor and then spent the rest of the day finishing that part of the project.

The interior was divided into two half’s with yesterday’s concrete pour covering one half of the SkyDome’s nearly 14,000 square feet of floor space.

In the coming weeks, a second slab of poured concrete will be added. The structural engineering plans have a control joint between the two slaps which will provide more stability than the original floor.

Project Manager Zach Massey tells WBKO “We’ve divided the room in half basically. We’ve poured between 200 and 225 cubic yards of concrete this morning. Crews will be working all day long finishing that.”

Massey adds that the project is on track with the construction team reaching the key milestone dates.


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