[PICS] Z06 Shows Off New EFY Body Colored Vent Option for 2016 Corvettes


[PICS] Z06 Shows Off New EFY Body Colored Vent Option for 2016 Corvettes

As the C7 Corvette matures into its third year of production, Chevrolet continues to offer new options for Corvette owners to personalize their rides. One of the new options for 2016 is called EFY and it allows you to order your Corvettes with the vents on the hood, side coves and rear to be painted the same color as the rest of the body.

We’ve seen some mods of people painting their vents the same color as the rest of the body but it’s never been something we would do to our C7 Corvette. But for those that want a single color Corvette, you can now order that same look straight from the factory like this Arctic White Corvette Z06 that was shared by our friend Corvette Conti.

With the EFY option, you can see that the vents on this Corvette Z06 are the same color as the body. Even the rear tail-light assemblies are painted the same as the body. Only the bottom rear bumper cover and its vertical vents on each side stay black:

Z06 Shows Off New EFY Body Colored Vent Option for 2016 Corvettes Z06 Shows Off New EFY Body Colored Vent Option for 2016 Corvettes Z06 Shows Off New EFY Body Colored Vent Option for 2016 Corvettes
Z06 Shows Off New EFY Body Colored Vent Option for 2016 Corvettes    

In our opinion, the single color body just looks wrong to us. Part of the allure of the new Corvette’s look was the fact that all the vents were black and the 10 different body colors enhanced the look of the black vents. In the C7 age, Arctic White has made a comeback to be one of the top colors on both the new Corvette Stingray and Z06 and we believe the contrasting black vents have a lot to do with that.

Is this an option that you would order? What single body color (other than black) do you think the EFY option would work best? Let us know in the comments form below or share your opinion on our Twitter and Facebook page.


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  1. Totally agree with new one color option . My last 2 corvettes were white , but when I saw the C-7
    with black vents i switched to black . Don’t like the black wheel choice and still needs a blind spot
    detection , otherwise I love my C-7 .

  2. when I saw the c7 in white I fell in love, but this option looks like something right out of the mc Whitney catalog, or the sale table in autozone. The chrome wheels cheapen the car as well. I hope this is an option few choose, and Chevrolet focuses resources on performance enhancing options…all of these graphics and paint packages are a bad sign.

  3. It would be my choice to paint the entire car one color. To me it looks like someone went wild with a black marker, in an effort to accentuate some of the features. The rule here is “everything in moderation” because when highlighting too many features it diminishes the overall effect, and looks more a mess than a focused design.

    Even the headlights have a black background, Giving it a bug look with the wide mouth front grill. (I liked the background of the C6 which was the body color)

    And overall the extended use of Carbon Fibre will soon give the C7 a dated look.

  4. All one color looks classic! The black spots all over looks cheap. Also it reminds me more of the stingrays of the past. The only two colors that look good are black and dark grey. That means something is wrong with the black bits.. Now the white looks amazing like that but without the extra body kit on the sides! Not sure about those wheels though. They have too much going on and almost look like aftermarket. I think the gunmetal like the Miata GT would look best. Not black that just looks like you have 4 flat tires.

    Maybe the dark grey option could be a good compromise ? Cant find any images online with that.

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