Chevy Aims to Improve the Picture Quality of the Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder


Chevy Aims to Improve the Picture Quality of the Corvette's Performance Data Recorder

One of the most popular options on the 2015 Corvette Stingray and Z06 has to be the new Performance Data Recorder.

The Corvette PDR development was born out of Cosworth’s many years of working with the Corvette Racing Team to supply and support the full suite of motorsport electronics such as data loggers and Pi Toolbox analysis tools.

Discussions between Cosworth and General Motors about taking these racing products to the Chevrolet Corvette road car developed, and it soon became evident there was a tremendous opportunity to be first to market with a fully integrated road going Performance Data Recorder.

Since the PDR became available on 2015 models, feedback from Corvette customers and the media alike has been overwhelmingly positive, and the PDR picked up four best product awards at the CES show.

That doesn’t mean it’s been a perfect roll-out, though.

Recently on Corvette Forum, ChrisN123 asked: “Why do all the PDR videos published to date have a distinct green cast and overall washed-out look? The camera hardware/firmware must allow for better calibration of color balance and white balance. How about a firmware update to fix the problem?”

Well, not too many car owners have a direct line to the chief engineer, but Corvette boss Tadge Juechter is well-known for listening to enthusiasts.

Looks like a team effort between Corvette and Cosworth may have already solved this problem. Just look at the before and after calibration photos that show a noticeably improved image.

Chevy Aims to Improve the Picture Quality of the Corvette's Performance Data Recorder

Chevy Aims to Improve the Picture Quality of the Corvette's Performance Data Recorder

Here’s what Tadge had to say:

“This is a perfect example of continuous improvement and backwards compatibility that I was asked about a couple weeks ago. GM engineering and our partner Cosworth have been working hard to improve the PDR and the user experience. One area of investigation has been the image quality. Coincidentally, a software change was just released for Bowling Green production at the end of March and we will be making it available to customers who already have their cars in the next few weeks. The software includes several changes including improvements in color balance and sharpness of the image on the video.”

Thanks to the Corvette Team for listening to their customers!

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