[ACCIDENT] Peer Pressure to do a Burnout Leads to a Wrecked Corvette


[ACCIDENT] Peer Pressure to do a Burnout Leads to a Wrecked Corvette
Photo Credit: floridacrack3r on Corvette Forum

You know the feeling when you’re being egged on to engage the throttle and “light em up” when leaving a car show by that group of people who always congregate near the exits? We know we shouldn’t but sometimes the opportunity to show off for the crowd can be a hard thing to say no to. But you should say no because, strangely enough, bad things can happen with you stomp your right foot on the gas like the owner of this classic Corvette found out.

This picture of a crashed red Corvette showed up Sunday evening on the Corvette Forum by a user named “floridacrack3r” who witnessed the event. Here is the description of the accident in his words:

Well today at the good guys car show in Del Mar California, a very nice C1 was leaving the show after it ended, being harassed to do a burnout, he falls to the peer pressure and lights em up around a corner and didn’t get very far.. ended up hitting the stone garden and then bounced off the building and tree… sad day in the corvette community…

What’s scary about the whole ordeal is that the Corvette driver had his son with him in the car as well:

The driver was ok, his son was a little shaken up from it

So the next time a group of people are trying to get you to do something stupid while you’re driving your Corvette, remember that A) they are not your friends and B) they would most likely rather see you crash then execute a proper burnout.

Corvette Forum

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