[VIDEO] Consumer Reports: The Corvette Stingray is One of the Most Loved Cars


[VIDEO] Consumer Reports: The Corvette Stingray is One of the Most Loved Cars

Consumer Reports isn’t saying anything Corvette enthusiasts don’t already know.

The new seventh-generation Stingray continues to be a winner long after owners have brought it home from the dealership.

But it’s still nice to have that validation from an unbiased source.

Consumer Reports said this week that an amazing 95 percent of Corvette Stingray owners would buy one again, making it the best-loved sports car in the magazine’s survey of some 350,000 owners of 300 different cars.

“When you’re in that car and you hit the road, you just feel great,” 2014 Stingray owner Frank Cupo told Consumer Reports. In fact, Cupo is even buying another Corvette Stingray (we wonder if it’s the new Z06?) to use on the track.

We’re just wondering what’s wrong with that 5 percent of Stingray owners who wouldn’t buy another one. Guess there’s always a party pooper.

We’re proud to report, though, that the Corvette came close to being the best-loved car of all, but the Tesla Model S edged out the Corvette with 98 percent of owners saying they’d buy another.

Not surprisingly, the Nissan Versa is at the bottom with only 42 percent of owners saying they’d do it again! Also lacking in the love department are the Jeep Compass (43 percent), Kia Rio (46 percent), and Nissan Pathfinder (52 percent).

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