[GIF] Watch Corvette’s Evolution Over 7 Generations


[GIF] Watch Corvette's Evolution Over 7 Generations

Over the last six decades, Chevrolet has produced seven different iterations of the Corvette. Some of the designs have been called revolutionary like the C2 years while others have more or less evolved from the previous generation like C5 to C6.

eBay Motors found a cool way to illustrate the design changes the Corvette has undergone over the last 60 years by showing an animation that morphs from the C1’s 1953 Corvette all the way through to the C7 2014 Corvette Stingray.

eBay Motors breaks down each of the seven generations of Corvettes and it’s worthy of reading. But to sum it up, they say that “no matter what year you’re looking at, you always know when there’s a ‘Vette in your lane.”

eBay Motors also does these evolution graphics for the Ford Mustang, the BMW 3-Series and the Honda Accord.

eBay Motors

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