GM Issues Recall for Corvette Stingrays Over Rear Shocks Issue


GM Issues Recall for Corvette Stingrays Over Rear Shocks Issue

On Friday, GM issued a recall notice for four vehicles, one of which was the 2014 Corvette Stingray. Specifically, the potential issue has to do with the rear-shock absorbers in Stingrays with the FE1 or FE3 suspensions.

GM says the recall notice affect 1,939 Corvettes total in the US, plus 33 in Canada. Another 82 Corvettes with the issue have been exports.

Here’s the notice issued Friday:

Dealers will replace the two rear shock absorbers in 1,939 2014 model year Chevrolet Corvettes in the U.S. with the FE1 or FE3 suspension to repair a possible insufficient weld in the rear shocks that could lead to a fracture and/or reduce the shocks’ service life. Thirty-three additional vehicles were sold in Canada and another 82 were exported. GM is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to this issue..

All Corvettes Stingrays have either the FE1 or FE3 suspensions. The FE1 RPO code is for the base Stingrays while Corvettes with the Z51 Performance Package have the FE3 suspension. Based on the number of Corvettes being recalled, we assume the issue begins and ends during a certain range of VINs.

This is the third recall for Corvette Stingrays in June and the cumulative total is now at 2,799 Corvettes.

At the beginning of June, GM recalled 33 Stingrays for a short circuit in the sensing and diagnostic module that could disable front air bags, safety belt pretensioners and the Automatic Occupancy Sensing module. Two weeks ago, 712 Corvette Stingrays were recalled due to issues with the passenger side airbags in the Competition Sports Seats.

Owners with Corvettes that are caught up in these recalls will receive a letter from General Motors letting them know when they can bring in their vehicles into a dealership for the free repairs.

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