Restored 1964 Corvette Has a Rock N Roll Past


Restored 1964 Corvette Has a Rock N Roll Past
Photo Credit: Clayton Seams/Driving

Brought back from the dead, this 1964 Corvette is ready to rock into the night for many years to come.

When Rick Thompson found the Sting Ray in 1988, the red beauty was a far cry from its current appearance. In fact, it was sitting neglected in an IRS impound lot and had even partially damaged by a fire. There was even a hole in the floorboard that had been “repaired” with license plates after an axle half-shaft had penetrated through it.

Restored 1964 Corvette Has a Rock N Roll Past

Not to worry, though, as Thompson lovingly brought the car back to better than new over the years, including the addition of a 383 inch V8 engine he built and has since maneuvered to quarter-mile times of 12.8 seconds.

This resto-mod also features a custom suspension that has improved the handling tremendously, and Thompson also added air conditioning and a six-speed transmission.

The car would be nice enough to speak on its own, but the story turns even more interesting when you hear that the ‘Vette once belonged to the drummer for the popular Southern rockers .38 Special, a fellow named Jack Grondin. Thompson didn’t know about the celebrity connection until years after he bought the Corvette, when his brother did some research and they found some photos in the car.

Ironically, one of .38 Special’s biggest hits was a tune called Rockin Into the Night, which featured the lyrics “Cruising down the motorway, got my girl by my side.” Fitting words, indeed, since Thompson now carries his “girl,” his wife Rita, as they cruised all last summer in their Corvette.

Restored 1964 Corvette Has a Rock N Roll Past
Owner Rick Thompson and his 1964 Corvette. Photo Credit: Clayton Seams/Driving

Photo Credit: Clayton Seams/

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