[PIC] TopSpeed Renders the 2016 Corvette Z07


[PIC] TopSpeed Renders the 2016 Corvette Z07

After yesterday’s spy photos of the 2015/2016 Corvette Z07 from Autoblog, we did some hunting to see if we could turn up any accurate renderings of the next generation high performance Corvette model and it looks like this Arctic White render from TopSpeed might have nailed it.

Although not perfectly aligned with the the spy photo from KGP Photography showing what we think are the rear brake cooling ducts, this render incorporates those ducts in a very pleasing way. We also see the carbon fiber rockers and front splitter that we think will be on the Z07 as well.

Click here to see a larger version of the 2016 Corvette Z07 rendering.

Not shown here, but we are also thinking that the rear spoiler for the Z07 will be different than that of the Z51 spoiler on the Stingray. Most likely it will have a steeper angle or will be taller than the ones found on the current C7 Corvette, much like the C6 ZR1’s spoiler was different than that of the regular C6s spoiler.

There’s some speculating that the front grill will be wider to capture more air and we may even see fog lights return to the front fascia.

Finally, don’t rule out that that the Z07 could be constructed almost entirely of carbon fiber panels. On the current Stingray, the roof and hood are already using the strong but lightweight material and like the C6 Z06, we are betting the fenders of the C7 Z07 will be made from carbon fiber as well. That leaves only the doors and rear hatch which will probably use the standard Stingray’s panels for those critical impact areas.

As far as the engine that will power the C7 Z07, we’re not ready to glam on to the turbo-powered V8 with smaller displacement quite yet. We still think the Corvette Stingray’s 6.2L V8 will be the basis for power and it will most likely be supercharged to around 580-600 horsepower. If Chevy does go this route, look for the engine to be called the LT5 or LTX which were trademaked by the automaker earlier this year.

Photo Credit: TopSpeed.com

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