GM Files Trademark Paperwork for “Turbo-Jet”


GM Files Trademark Paperwork for Turbo-Jet
Photo Credit: Mike L on Flickr

GM Authority reported Thursday that General Motors has applied for a trademark on the term “Turbo-Jet”. They state that the paperwork was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office back in early August. The iconic phrase was categorized under “exterior and interior badges for motor land vehicles”. It was previously used on second and third generation Corvettes which could often perform like a jet while not actually possessing a turbo.

GM Authority goes on to say that the application bears serial number 85699313 and it currently sits at status 681 after review. Soon it will be circulated for opposition where other parties can oppose granting the trademark to GM.

They also speculate that Turbo-Jet could be the name given to an entire line of turbo-charged engines similar to Ford’s EcoBoost line. This is an interesting revelation as it was hypothesized previously that the upcoming C7 Corvette could potentially feature a turbo charged V8 or even V6 motor, although that rumor seems to have fizzled out. As we alluded to above, though, there wasn’t actually a turbo charger present the last time this moniker was applied.

This information is well timed as an article earlier this week on Autoblog also broached the topic of turbo power. They quote supplier Honeywell as saying “…..Last year…. turbocharged passenger vehicles accounted for 25 percent of the global market, for a total of 20 million vehicles”. They go on to say that “By 2017, says the report, that number will swell to 36 million new vehicles, which would be about 40 percent of global sales.”

The crew over at GM Authority is quite fond of the possible return of “Turbo-Jet” and so are we. Remember how cool Corvettes look with that term emblazed on a chrome air cleaner lid or attached to a fender badge? Now picture that again on a C7 rendering or a new Camaro or Impala. Yep, that’ll work.

GM Authority
Photo Credit: Mike L on Flickr

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