[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Prototypes Testing in New Mexico


[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Prototypes Testing in New Mexico
Photo © 2012 Richard Ziese

A group of Chevy engineers testing the 2014 C7 Corvette prototypes were spotted in and around the town of Red River, New Mexico late last week. A member on the Corvette Forum named 10KillerVette found this out when his dad called him to say he just saw two C7 Corvettes in full camouflage testing in the mountains around the town. Like any Corvette fan would do, 10KillerVette aka Sean Ziese told his dad Richard to “get his ass back out on the roads with a camera!” And that’s exactly how we got these photos and a brief video to share with you!

10KillerVette’s 72 year old father chased down the engineers and started taking pictures with his camera to only find out his battery was dead. So he pulled out his iPhone and snapped the few that you see here. Not greatest quality but it’s better than most posts on the forum which are full of people claiming to have seen the C7, but didn’t have a camera handy.

[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Prototypes Testing in New Mexico [VIDEO] C7 Corvette Prototypes Testing in New Mexico [VIDEO] C7 Corvette Prototypes Testing in New Mexico
[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Prototypes Testing in New Mexico    

Repeating what his dad told him, 10KillerVette says the Chevy engineers have set up shop in the town and may be there until later this week. He said they have five Corvettes and five Camaros on the ground and have set up an engineering tent where they work. He also said that the engineers even brought their own fueling truck.

Richard spoke with a few of the engineers and relayed back his son that they were very nice but didn’t let him take any close-up photos. The GM guys explained they were in New Mexico for the week to do some “high altitude calibration” on the new engines. Richard said they would take the Corvette into the tent when they needed to take the camo off to look at the car.

The only other tidbit mentioned was the exhaust note that Richard heard from the cars. 10KillerVette says he runs his Corvette ZR1 with the performance exhaust open and that his dad said the prototypes sounded just like that!

Here is the quick video that Richard managed to capture:

A special thanks goes out to Richard and Sean Ziese for allowing us to share their photos and video with other Corvette enthusiasts.

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Photos and video © 2012 Richard Ziese. Used with permission.

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