[VIDEO] Corvette America Reconditions a Set of Leather C4 Corvette Sport Seats


[VIDEO] Corvette America Reconditions a Set of C4 Corvette Seat

It may seem hard to believe, but C4 Corvettes are quickly turning into classics as the 84 model turns 28 this year. Like other classic Corvettes from previous generations, one area of your Corvette that doesn’t age gracefully are your leather seats. If your early C4 leather seats have become worn, cracked or torn, check out this latest video from the interior experts at Corvette America who provided us with this in-depth look at just what it takes to recondition a set of 84-88 Corvettes seats.

While the process of reconditioning your Corvette seats for a C4 Corvette is similar to the previous midyear seat restoration videos we shared earlier this year, you will see the installer has to take extra time to carefully work around the area that holds the power seat controls.

Click here or the picture below to head over to Corvette America to watch the 1984-88 seat cover installation videos:

Corvette America Reconditions a Set of C4 Corvette Seats

We have always said that one of the easiest ways to make your Corvette look better is to refresh the interior and the experts at Corvette America are here to help. Whether you do it yourself, or let a Corvette America master installer do it for you, we know you’ll be more than happy with the finished results.

Corvette America’s US-based manufacturing plant makes both vinyl and leather seat covers for 1959-2004 Corvettes plus they have all the hardware, seat foam and tools needed to complete the job. Visit them online at www.CorvetteAmerica.com or give them a call at 800-458-3475.

If you have a generation other than the C4 Corvette, here are the other videos in Corvette America’s seat cover installation series:


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