Radio Host Will Be First to Build Own Corvette Engine


Radio show Host Will Be First to Build Own Corvette Engine

The last time we spoke of Todd Schnitt, his 2009 Corvette ZR1 was on the assembly line in Bowling Green and he was sharing photos of the assembly process with his listening audience. Schnitt makes our Corvette news again, but this time its because of an option he ordered for his new 2011 Corvette ZR1 – The Corvette Engine Build Experience. Next week, Todd becomes be the first customer in Corvette history to build his own engine for his 2011 ZR1.

As part of the Corvette Engine Build Experience option, a conceirge from Chevrolet has coordinated all the arangements for Schnitt’s visit to Wixom’s Performance Build Center where the 638-horsepower engine is assembled. Todd will be teamed with one of the PBC’s expert builders who will guide the customer through the experience of building his own Corvette engine.

Once the engine assembly is complete, it will be tracked and shipped to Bowling Green where it will be installed in a Cyber Gray 2011 Corvette ZR1. This will be the third Corvette ZR1 purchased by Schnitt, who has previously owned a 2009 and 2010 model – both cyber gray as well.

“To build my own engine is over the top,” said Schnitt. “When my dealer told me about the option it was like ‘Of course, I’ll do it, sign me up!’. I can’t wait to get there and build my own LS9. It will be the ultimate personalization for my car. I’m anticipating it being one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life. It definitely makes my ‘bucket-list.'”

Todd has owned four Corvettes and his daily driver is the supercharged Cadillac CTS-V. But it may be the 5th Corvette that will be the most memorable.

Schnitt, 44, is the long-time Tampa-based host of the MJ Morning Show and the nationally syndicated Schnitt Show, heard nationally in 31 cities and carried on XM Channel 152.


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