POLL: Inferno Orange vs Atomic Orange – Which Looks Better on a Corvette?


Inferno Orange vs Atomic Orange

On the left is the 2011 Corvette featuring the new Inferno Orange exterior. On the right is a C6 Corvette painted in Atomic Orange. Which color do you prefer?

Inferno Orange vs Atomic Orange

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  1. I was a bit supprised that black has remained the fav color over all these years.
    that being so, along with the fact that “All corvetts are RED” Mine is the Chrystal
    Red Met. for 2010, why mess with orange? Makes no sense! to me. Owell, It
    would be a dull world if everyone were alike.

  2. We are thrilled with our Atomic Orange! It is our first, but not our last. BTW…this pic is of our car. We put them together to compare and take pics to show our club. We had no idea someone else did to and then posted a poll. KUDO’S & Thanks Keith.

  3. I wish general motors would go back to the atomic orange with the two tone sienna/black interior .Thats a rich color together.

  4. i just bought a 2011 inferno orange Gand Sport and love it , the pic doesn’t do the color justice , it draws a croud everywhere i go. the color looks so much better on a vette than it does on the camaro . it really high lights the lines of the vette.

  5. Matt:

    Congratulations on the new Corvette. Inferno Orange is one of those colors that needs to be seen in the bright sunlight to truly be appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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