[VIDEO] Stile Bertone’s Project M Using Corvette ZR1 Chassis


Stile Bertone's Project M Using Corvette ZR1 Chassis

Seems like the coachbuilders love the C6 platform as we’ve covered at least a half dozen designers announcing plans to utilize the chassis and power train for their new super cars. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Stile Bertone and designer Jason Castriota’s Project M and today it came out that they are indeed using the Corvette ZR1’s underpinnings for their sports car.

Design Director Jason Castriota is used to working around the elite supercars of the world. After all, he brought us the Ferrari 599. I wonder if he knew about the Ferrari 599 seen with the ZR1 during a shakedown in Europe back in May 2007. Watch the video and listen to the high regard he and his staff holds for the Corvette ZR1.

I’ve only been half following the Project M online documentary as there was no clear connection to Corvette except a poll on the site a few weeks ago asking visitors to guess which chassis the Project M would use. For the record, my vote was ZR1. Duh! You can view previous episodes of the Stile Bertone project by visiting Inside Project M. The finished car is expected to debut in a matter of weeks at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Inside Project M

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