Corvette Racing: GT2 Corvette C6.R to Wear ZR1 Body


GT2 Corvette C6.R to Wear ZR1 Body

In the video presentation from GM Road Race Manager Steve Wesoloski at Sebring, we got an update on the building of the GT2 Corvette. Steve said the following that should put a smile on any Corvette Racing fan: “They (Pratt & Miller) hung the body last week… It’s a ZR1 body. At the doors, it’s got flares front and rear to fit the racing wheels and tires. I got to tell you that it looks more aggressive than the C6.R. But It looks purposeful, it doesn’t look gaudy and it fits that class.”

We turned to to begin our “GT2 Watch” and sure enough, Eddie and the boys have offered a preview of what the GT2 Corvette might look like with the above cad rendering of a ZR1-based GT2. Gone of course is the hood with the polycarbonate window. Wesoloski says the GT2 will be powered by the LS7 destroked to 6 liters this year and next year the rules require another step down to 5.5 liters. Wesoloski says Pratt & Miller will be using an LS3 modified to 5.5 liters with output of around 500 horsepower to reach those goals.

Stay tuned for more GT2 news as it comes available.


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