Pictures From The NCRS Winter Regional Corvette Show


A vendor at the NCRS Winter Regional

The 31st annual National Corvette Restorer Society’s Winter Regional meet in Kissimmee, Florida appears to have been successful based on our read of the crowd and some of the attendees and vendors we spoke with. Frost greeted the visitors early Friday morning, but by mid afternoon, temperatures reached the low ’70s. If you haven’t been to one of these larger Corvette shows, you are really missing out. Here some of what you would have seen.

A vendor at the NCRS Winter Regional A vendor at the NCRS Winter Regional A vendor at the NCRS Winter Regional
A 1966 Corvette Small Block on the judging field A 1966 Corvette Big Block on the judging field Advanced NCRS Judging Seminar
The very first Corvette Fuelie Mad Maxx Code Red Interceptor C2 Corvette with unique hardtop. Notice the radio delete?
1988 Corvette ZR-1 Prototype 1988 Corvette ZR-1 Prototype Note on a car at mecum illustrates final point of the blog post

For those of you wondering, I found a vintage 1966 Florida license plate that I am thinking about registering for my car. I’ll bolt in on in the couple of days just to see how it looks. It was in very good condition and I got it for $25. I did strike out though on the replacement spinner logo inset for my wheel covers, so my hunt continues.

I also hate pass along bad news, but there is more than one report of people stealing valuable parts like original oil and gas caps from Corvettes parked on the grounds, as well as a few vendors who found that people walked off with some parts without paying. Too bad that this happens in our great hobby that a guy has to worry about getting parts stolen off his Corvette when he is out for some fun and camaraderie.

NCRS Florida

Weekend Plans: NCRS Corvette Show and Mecum Auction

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