C7 Corvette Rumors: No Mid-Engine and C7 Pushed Back to 2014


Motor Trend C7 Corvette Rendering

Motor Trend’s Mike Conner is reporting that a mid-engine design for the next generation Corvette is out. Unfortunately, he also mentions the C7 Corvette is on hold and unlikely to launch earlier than 2014.

Mid-Engine Corvette supporters, including GM’s Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz, believe they can achieve better fuel economy utilizing gas-saving cylinder shutoff with an LS3 V8 mounted behind the driver as its hard to deactivate cylinders based on the current front engine/rear transaxle setup without adding a clutch to deactivate the driveshaft.

Detractors counter that the extra weight that comes with a mid-engine layout and its heavy rear cowl would offset any fuel-economy savings of cylinder shutoff.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on your outlook of a mid-engine Corvette) the accountants appear to be having the final say as the funding for a complete ground up redesign of the Corvette is just unavailable during this time of GM’s fiscal difficulties.

With all that being said, MT says don’t count out Tom Wallace and his team considering 3.6-liter direct-injection V6 for the base C7 Corvette.

Motor Trend

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  1. That is disappointing to hear. I know alot of members on Smokinvette.com will be upset to here of the delay in the C7 release. One can hold hope that things will change at a drop of a pen and the C7 will be released on it’s original date.

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