MPH Mag’s Dream Z06 Review


Wow. It’s about all I can say after reading MPH Magazine’s Z06 Corvette review. Let’s say Chevy gave you the keys to the new Corvette Z06 for just one day. Do you put it on a skid pad or try to determine the lateral G’s? MPH writer Eddie Alterman did something much better – and probably much closer to what most of us would do if we could drive this car for just one night. “I am sitting at a stoplight on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue, checking the rearview mirror of this black Corvette Z06 for pork. To my right is a white 2004 Dodge Viper, and its owner’s only visible part, his head, is engulfed in a penumbra of cologne, hair products and ego. He is a douchebag. And he has no concept of the sorry fate about to befall him.” Stoplight kung fu… Eddie’s hunt continues for four hours. He racks up the kills: Chevelles, Hemis, Camaros, Vipers, NSXs and a ’67 Shelby GT. Pure automotive stealth as he puts it. Hunting the hunters. And while Eddie finally meets his match in the form of a 600 hp and 625 hp Nitrous-breathing Cobra and Firebird, he comes to the realization that the Z06 is no ordinary sportscar, transforming him from mild-mannered magazine editor to Zeus. Eddie, thanks for the ride!