What Was Making that Huge Sound Out at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds Yesterday??

What Was Making that Huge Sound Out at GM's Milford Proving Grounds Yesterday??
File Photo: Ben Hsu / Facebook

No one knows for sure what was going on at the General Motors’ Milford Proving Grounds Monday morning.

But to a staff member of TorqueNews.com, it sounded like “the sweet roar of a high performance engine” that could belong to the highly anticipated 2018 Corvette ZR1 or the rumored mid-engine C8.

“Starting early this morning (Monday), we could hear something on the GM test track accelerating hard through the gears over and over on end,” Patrick Rall wrote on the website, “and while we couldn’t get a look at what was making this sweet sound, it was clearly a high-performance V8 engine.”

Rall says the test went on “over and over” for about four hours, only stopping when rain began to fall.

Because each “run” came closely together, he speculates that GM may have been testing a collection of cars, “running each of them up through the gears under hard throttle and then letting off … only to have another go a short time later.”

He said it sounded as if each test put the cars through what sounded like wide open throttle, often reaching fourth or fifth gear.

“Whatever General Motors was testing,” Rall wrote, “was loud enough to echo through the small town of Milford, sending the roar of a V8 engine several miles out, but what could it have been?”

He surmises it was either the upcoming ZR1 or the much-rumored “Zora” mid-engine C8, discounting a suggestion from a friend that it could just be a Corvette race car.

“Having experienced all of the modern Corvette and Cadillac endurance racers in person, I do not believe that what I was hearing was an open exhaust race car,” Rall wrote.

“Whatever we were listening to this morning didn’t quite have the crack of those championship race cars, leading me to believe that it was some variety of road car – presumably the ZR1, the mid-engine Zora or even some more-extreme Camaro.”

Rall concludes with the belief that GM was testing a Corvette road car louder and more powerful than the current Z06 that could possibly show itself to the world at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

“This is important because this morning, GM clearly wasn’t worried about anyone hearing these mysterious cars in action, so if those were production road cars being exercised this morning without any concern of the public taking notice – it could be a production car which will soon meet the world,” Rall wrote.


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